Submitted by Chris on 1/17/01. ( )

I was wondering if taxidermist have to have a special liscence to do taxidermy and if so how do you get one?

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This response submitted by DON W on 1/17/01. ( )

if you want to be street legal, you sure need a license, chris!
contact your state department of natural resourses office and they should provide you with an application.

good luck,


Not All

This response submitted by Jeff C on 1/18/01. ( )

It varys state to state. I live in N.Y. and i dont need a license. I'd do what Don said,They can tell you if you need to be licensed.

For some things

This response submitted by M.T. on 1/18/01. ( )

Here in Michigan.I believe you dont need a license to mount fish.

NY no longer requires a State License

This response submitted by Pete T on 1/21/01. ( )

Ny State Gov.George Pataki signed a bill that eliminated Licensing requirements in NY State in 1998.I wrote aletter and and their response boils down to Money.It costs the state more money to have the licensing program running and maintained and the Gov't wants to save money.We ARE required to have a Federal Licence to handle Waterfowl and we must still follow U.S.Fish and Wildlife Regulations and guidelines.I personally opposed to the cancellation of licensing due to the fact that now there May be new people who may be taking game illegaly and not following the Rules and Regulations and that may Impact us All in the long run.I also wrote a letter to the Governor requesting that they reinstate the license Requirements but to this date I have receive a response.


This response submitted by Pete T on 1/21/01. ( )

I meant to this date,I have NOT receive a response.
sorry for the typos....

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