competition scoring?

Submitted by gus on 1/18/01. ( )

I am going to compete for the first time in march but want to know a how your mounts are scored. do you get so many points for entering and then the judges deduct from that or do you get points as they find things good on your mount? would you get more points for habitat and scenery, positioning, multiple critters, open mouth etc. The main reason I am going is to learn but it wouldn't hurt to score good to boost ones confidence :) any tips and pointers would be great before I get started on the mounts. thanks for any help

thanks again


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your mounts starts with 100 points

This response submitted by John C on 1/18/01. ( )

from there deductions are made for inaccurate representation of the species and lack of craftmanship

More than one entry on teh same havitat is judged on each mount.

Habitat is also judged seperatly.

Dont worry about the ego boast sure it helps, but remember you are there to learn, be sure you get the crituque sheet. Have your photos ready to prove a position or your point og veiw.

IT will help you to have a open mind, remember though everyone in your family says "WOW thats good work!" they dont know the little details that can make or break a mount.

Have the judge go over your mount with you can be one of the most imporantent parts.

Also listen to what the judges say about the other mounts, this alone can be worth the trip.

Sadley many competitors will grab thier scores sheets and run, hiding them from the other competitors. We area all there to learn, weither its from your mounts alone or listening to the other mounts being critiqued. JOhn C

Getting ready for competition

This response submitted by Frankie Thompson on 1/18/01. ( )

Gus, John C. gave some excellant advice. Be sure to get critiqued by the Judge as this will help you greatly. Another thing to do to get ready for the competition is to contact your State you're going to compete in and get them to send you blank copies of the scoresheets. That way you know exactly what the judges will be judging you on.. Go over your mounts with these scoresheets. This will also help. Have fun with the competing and I wish you luck.

some advice

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If you are concerned for your commercial quality improvements for business reasons, then only enter the open or professional divisions for this type of improvements. There is nothing wrong with focusing on business and money, Lord knows. But if you want to challenge yourself when you are more seasoned you can enter the higher levels.
They are more technical and require a more thorough display of your speciman with craftsmanship, knowledge, and talent. But be prepared to be jarred a bit here, that is the nature of competition.

Yes you do recieve extra merrit for difficulty, originality, artistic composition, etc.

Frankie gave some excellent advice! Get some copies of the score sheets.

Be determined

some tips

This response submitted by deer woman on 1/18/01. ( )

1. make those seams small and tight, use shortest inscision possible when skinning.
2.If its a full mount mammal, make sure the gentalia are correct.
3.proper grooming!
4.excellent specimen, no 2nd grade stuff like singe furred raccoons, or foxes with mange on the tail, birds missing feathers, pinfeathers, etc an animal you are familiar with and use lots of reference
6.make sure the mount is VERY securely attached to the base, and that the feet match the habitat shape naturally, like the animal would really do when standing that way.If its a fish or gamehead, well no need to worry about feet!
7.don't do the mount a week before the show hoping it will be dry, do the mounting at least a month ahead.
8.while the mount is drying, inspect it a couple times a day to make sure everythings in order as it dries.
9. don't forget nictitating membranes, and other little details, use pupiled eyes instead of hollow bubble( yes i got a point taken off for using hollow bubble on a raccoon)
10-use best materials, artificial noses are ok too unless Bellucchi is judging( sorry John LOL!), use IQ type eyes, van hosen ear liners for small game( they are great earliners), or the other 12.00 a pair detailed liners out there.They have ear butts on them, and some you have to preset on the form and attach, then cut out the section of the form when mounting and stick them back in the slots using epoxy to reglue the form section back in.
11. again use lots of reference, photos, 3d stuff, whatever. open minded
13.don't be afraid to ask questions on here

Helpful Info

This response submitted by Cindy on 1/18/01. ( )

If you will email me directly with USPS mailing address I will be glad to mail you copies of NTA scoresheets.

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