Could this have happened?

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Thursday, Jan. 18, 2001

Deer takes a bubble bath in family tub
By The Associated Press

HOWARD, Pa. (AP) -- When Connie Beck and her husband awoke to strange noises last weekend, they thought high winds were rattling their home.

What they found was even more unexpected: A deer was taking a bubble bath in their tub.

"I wasn't exactly dressed for company," Beck said. "We were just waking up. Things were flying off the wall."

The deer burst through the front door early Saturday, ran past the couple's bedroom and into the bathroom, somehow managing to turn on the water in the tub and knocking over a bottle of bubble bath. He then submerged himself in the frothy water.

"You could hear the water running over the kicking," Beck said.

The Becks called state Game Commission officials, who arrived at their Centre County home with tranquilizers and a lot of laughter.

"The guy said, 'There's nothing wrong ... he's just in there taking a bubble bath,"' Beck said.

The animal was subdued, removed from the house and released.

"He was unharmed except for a little cut above the eye," Beck said. "We were also fortunate. There wasn't much damage, except for the front door, storm door, some marks on the tub, and a few hoof prints in the linoleum."

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It did!

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I read about it last summer in our paper. They even had a photo of the door. The story said it took the animal control people longer than it should have to remove the deer because they were laughing so hard. I don't know why, but it seems deer (as well as some other animals) periodically take it in their heads to smash into a house.
Good thing it wasn't a bear.

Yes Kinda

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Yes, the deer was found in the house, in the bathroom and in it's panic it made a mess of things that included kicking and jumping, until the water was turned on....not far from there this fall a dead deer was found in the shower in the campus dorms however, I don't think he fell taking a shower and hit his head LOL!


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light any candles and put them around the tub?

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