Taxidermy software

Submitted by Joe on 1/19/01. ( )

Has anyone used any of the taxidermy software out there. How good are these programs and are they user friendly. Thanks in advance.

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This response submitted by Bruce Leichtman on 1/19/01. ( )

Taxishop is, without any question, the best software out there. It is very user friendly.

Give Tom McNeal a call and he will get you off on the right foot.

His phone # is 630-961-9637

You won't be sorry...I'll guarantee it!


This response submitted by Victor on 1/19/01. ( )

I have taxi-shop and it is easy to use once you figure out a couple basic things. The good thing is,Tom doesn't "sell you and forget you". You can contact him anytime for answers on even dumb questions like I had! Best to contact him for questions by email.

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