Looking for a book on Dermestid Beetles - Please help

Submitted by Lydia on 1/19/01. ( bygrace@libby.org )

If you know of any book on Dermestid Beetles or a taxidermy book with a good chapter on the beetles please e-mail me. I have been unable to find anything. Thanks so much for your help.

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Look into the original literature

This response submitted by Stephen on 1/19/01. ( stephen.rogers@home.com )

While there are a number of textbooks that summarize methods of cleaning skeletal material of vertebrates, all of the perhaps 25 basic techniques, to get a good summary of the ways to run a dermestid colony you must go to the original scientific literature. Your local library should be able to obtain copies of the papers cited below, or you could travel to the local college library which should have most of the Journals listed in this small subset of relevant articles I list below. You would be best educated by visiting an operating colony - one that is run professionally, perhaps at a University Museum or active Zoology Department.

Good Luck!

Borell, A. E. 1938. Cleaning small collections of skulls and skeletons with dermestid beetles. Journal of Mammalogy, 19:102-103

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Vorhies, C. T. 1948. A chest for dermestid cleaning of skulls. Journal of Mammalogy, 29:188-189

All these references, save one, were taken from the Taxidermologists' Handbook.

The Taxidermologist

or you can

This response submitted by Kristoph on 1/19/01. ( skinme2@aol.com )

call Carolina Biological Supply, they sell both the beetles and a booklet

Thanks so much for the great help!

This response submitted by Lydia on 1/20/01. ( bygrace@libby.org )

Fantastic information - thanks so much!

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