Here's another " Could This Have happened?"

Submitted by Cecil Baird on 1/20/01. ( )

Reading the earlier post of "Could This Have Happend," it reminded me of a story I heard while on vacation out east a few summers ago.

A friend there says he read in the newspaper about some guys out west (everything is farther west than Massachusetts) that decided to go duck hunting so they headed down to the river. It turns out it was so cold that the river was totally frozen over. For some reason they had access to dynamite (maybe they worked in mining) and left and came back with a stick of dynamite to blow a hole in the ice to attract some birds.

As the story goes when they threw the stick of dynamite on the ice their lab suddenly went out to retrieve it. He started coming back with the stick that was going to blow any second, so one of the guys started shooting toward the dog to keep it away. Unfortunately, the dog got scared (wouldn't you?) and ran under a brand new $30,000 4X4 pickup truck. Both the dog and the truck went sky high. Anybody ever hear about this one? Is this stupid or what?


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neat story cecil, but I have a better ending <smile>

This response submitted by dog gone on 1/20/01. ( )

who cares about how much money the truck cost, just make sure that there was four lawyers sitting in it

I don't know if it is true, but...

This response submitted by Lorrie on 1/20/01. ( )

It sure sounds like the same two losers that were shooting at each other "trying out" their bullet proof vests! Remember that post? I sure hope it's not true! Imagine trying to explain that one away...

STUPID! I think a MUCH better ending is for the stoops to try to retrieve the dyno from under the truck, and the dog gets away instead! Much more befitting...

So much for man being dog's best friend! :-(


Can I borrow that orange vest please?

This response submitted by Lorrie on 1/20/01. ( Don' )

Poor doggie must have been a yellow lab. Sometimes people mistake yellow for orange.

I actually heard this one

This response submitted by marty on 1/20/01. ( )

on Jonathon Brandmeirs' radio show several years back. Being one of the highest rated radio shows in the country, I'm sure they back up their sources. (Just like Jerry Springer ya know - LOL!)

It Not True

This response submitted by Mike on 1/20/01. ( )

This story has been floating around for quite a while. Follow the link below to a site about urban legends. It has a few different variations of the story and explains why it is not real. This is one of the best sites for these kinds of stories, and its searchable too.

another version

This response submitted by deer woman on 1/20/01. ( )

I heard a story of a rancher who trapped a yote, tied a stick of dynamite to its tail, lit it, and let the yote go.The yote, instead of running off, went under the ranchers new expensive truck and BOOM.Same story, different event?

....and one better,,

This response submitted by Gary Pegg Australia on 1/20/01. ( )

...several years ago , and this was reported on the national news, two polish guys got into a ""...l bet ya"" scenario in a bar during peak winter snow as to who was tougher and could endure the most pain,,... ended up the last guy cut his own head off with a chainsaw!

Phew . ...he wins!

I heard about it!

This response submitted by NOT! hee hee ;-) on 1/20/01. ( )

Turns out they were members of that rock band JACKAL! Remember them? They were the long haired band that used a huge chainsaw to make actual music! Tres Kewl!

Rockers... ya just never know what they are gonna do next...

or should we say... LAST?

could this of happened

This response submitted by john edwards on 1/20/01. ( )

in the sixties a trucker that picked up my goods in mahatan went hunting up north. when he came back he said he went int to a bar an was drinking when another hunter came in. he asked the hunter if he got any game . the hunter said he got off a couple of sound shots. my friend asked what are sound shots. the hunter replied that is when you heare a sound in the bushes and you shoot at the sound. there fore I can beleave the dinamite story.

Gee Mike you spoiled the fun, but I do know of something...

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 1/21/01. ( )

true and hard to believe. I went brook trout fishing with my dad a few years ago in northern Maine. The camp owner told us he has a few "big bad hunters" from New York City that come to hunt whitetails. The funny thing is, they are afraid of the dark! When it starts getting dark they drive like maniacs back to camp, and even did some major damage to there expensive pickup when they bottomed out in a low spot going high speed.

Can you believe it! Afraid of the dark! I would feel safer after dark in the wilderness than I would in New York City.

This one's verified.


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