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Does anyone have interesting stories regarding people's reactions, or comments pertaining to your chosen hobby, and/or, profession? Good or bad.

Again, feel free to use the veil... or not. Fact or fiction.

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This response submitted by gill on 1/20/01. ( )

Not much, I had a call wanting to know how much it cost to go to the airport. not many exciting stories from me.

Oh, how can you do that to those poor little animals

This response submitted by John C on 1/21/01. ( )

Thats when I reach under the table and pull out the chainsaw


This response submitted by Lorrie Lee on 1/21/01. ( 1969 )

JC you are so diversified, you never mentioned to me before that you were once in a rock band! LOL! ;-)

Yeah, here's a few..

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 1/21/01. ( )

I know of two taxidermists (not one) that have been called by women in labor telling them they need a taxi right away. I guess when you're in pain you can't read straight.

I had someone call and ask what I charge to do a 1040 short form.

I also had someone say "Do you like what you do,?" after finding out what I did for a living. This person had a digusted look on her face as she asked. She was a nurse's aid, and I replied, "It sure beats changing bed pans."


Thanks Peeps!

This response submitted by Lorro on 1/26/01. ( )

Thanks for your stories guys, but I sense some of you are holding out on me... but then again, so is Jim-Bob Walton! :-(

I'll wait.

You know where I am when your ready...

LOL ;-)

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