To Phil, you paid for your fish and did not get it.

Submitted by Mike on 1/20/01. ( )

Phil, I read your post earlier about your problem. I was supprised to read the responses. I have read so many complaints about clients not paying for their work for three months or longer.You should be given the same respect the Taxidermists expect. They expect to be paid within 30 days of completion. At least I do! I charge a 2.00 a day storage fee for anything left over 30 days. Why do these Taxidermists that responded to your post expect you to be patient when you were told it would be done sep 12, 2000 and you dont have it 3 months later? You said that you were only told they are working on it. There are certain circumstances that could be exceptable for the delay such as illness, death, fire ect. You have not been told there are any of these serious problems. You should hold the Taxidermist to the same standard they hold the client to.

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Aniamla coming into the shop that must be skinned etc.

This response submitted by John C on 1/21/01. ( )

There are a lot of reasons. Today I had planned on finishing some things. Well the finish work will have to wait, this A.M I get a call one life size bear is on the way and two bobcats. Wheere the freezer room? There is none for the lifesize bear, skin, measure the carcas, split it out, scrape and salt just happens to be Sunday a.m. about five hours work, overtime pay? who is footing the bill? the bobcats are another four hours work, I split everything out as it comes in now days. less meat on the skins to freeze, etc. For me it will be more than eight hours work more like 12. So what happens to the finish work, back burner for now.

Ask the other taxidermist how often the sit down for a break like you would on another type of job?

I will bet they dont, I have to for health reasons, but I know many that are putting in a honest 70-80 hours per week.

So whats up with MIke above? Yes hold them to a standard but make it a standard for QUALITY WORK. JOhn C

Whats up with John C?

This response submitted by Mike on 1/21/01. ( )

John, all I am saying is that you would not exept your clients telling you they are just too busy to pay for their deer head 3,6,or 12 months after you have completed it. None of the reasons you have listed would explain a 3 month delay. I have gotten many clients from other Taxidermist due to this very thing. They were told it will be done on a certain date and many months later all they get from the Taxidermist is they got busy.If you took your car in for a repair, or had someone replaceing a window in your house tell you it will be done that day and then not get your car back for 3 weeks, or the front window put back in for 3 weeks in the middle of December because they suddenly got busy you would not exept that. The Business would probably not stay in business long! Taxidermists want treated like professionals then act like one. Dont make excuses that you got too busy for 3 months to complete a clients fish that he has paid for.The Taxidermist should not tell a client a completion date if they are not willing to do what it takes to make the date. At least within 30 days of the date the client was told. Don't set a double standard.

I have never seen a taxidermist that can stay on schedule

This response submitted by John C on 1/21/01. ( )

Sledom is anything ready on time in any shop, yea I know someone will claim to but I really dont think so.

Most of the time when work is pulled its because of someone cheaper down the road. I have yet to see anyone claim they came and picked it up because the other guy is higher and better.

MAter of fact I just lost a duck becuase the other guy is a professional. Yes he sure is 250 ducks in front of this one, quality? well thats in the eye of the beholder and the whole thruth is I did recommend the BEST BIRD man in the state who in is the customer home town. Bottom line the customerr admitted the PROFESSIONAL is doing it for half mu buddies price, which is lower than mine.

Mike lets also remember we have only heard one side of the story in this case. Sure we know stuff happens but it happens on both sides of the fence.

You just talked about being professional and yet you ran the other taxidermist down, just like I did.

SO what gives? You tried to straddle the picket fence and fell on it here.

I think if your deleivering stuff right on time, you dont have a work load and in 98% of these cases the quality must suck. THe other 2% are doing good quality work and are very pricy for their area, I know I am. but I also have another business that I am building. I use taxidermy to finance it.

Hey dont mean to sound sharpe but there is two sides to every story. I for one would love to here that taxidermist side. John C

With the information I have.

This response submitted by Mike on 1/21/01. ( )

I am not cutting down another Taxidermist if what Phil said is not true! I am addressing the excuses that some of the other Taxidermists responded with!I agree we only have one side of the story.I am considering what Phil said as the facts. If there is more to it then what Phil said, then there may be a justified reason for the delay. I am just saying that getting busy is not an excuse for a 3 month delay! I agree that the most important factor in our business is the quality. Sometimes I think QUALITY is used for an excuse to be slow.I know quality takes time and a lot of Taxidermists take the time to complete quality mounts. If Phil was given a completion date then it should be kept,(within 30 days). Do you allow your clients extra time to pay if they get to busy to pay for their stuff? I have 30 to 90 day delivery on my fish. I would not expect to keep customers if I started telling them 90 days, and dont complete their fish for 180 days. Even with the highest quality possible!

Reread your last post again JohnC!

This response submitted by Mike on 1/22/01. ( )

John, I beleive when I give someone my word that I will do something, then it reflects on me and my business if I don't keep my word. I think it's a matter of your word meaning something!Just because I deliver my clients fish on time has nothing to do with my quality or my prices. I have set my priorities with delivering a clients fish on time second, with quality being first. You seem more worried about getting stuff in the front door then getting the stuff back to the client on time. Same as the guy you lost the duck to. He also wants lots of stuff to do but sounds like he cant get it back on time either. If you choose to put getting your clients stuff back on time, last on your priority list that is your choice just tell your clients that when they bring in their stuff. You might want to check your log book you probably have a client named Phil that you should of had his fish done sep 12, 2000. (Or at least some real similar!)

Sorry if I sound kind of sharp!

My side

This response submitted by Becky on 1/22/01. ( Keytaxidermy )

Since I also posted to this earlier I will tell why I said what I did. First of all I do not know how a Taxidermist can or would give an exact date of completion. In Phil's post I got the impression he was only concerned in the time frame (said so himself) and therefore I questioned his reason for choosing the Taxidermist that he did. To try and rush his fish now maybe asking for a less Quality mount(not that that makes it right). It seems to be in his best interest to try and work with the taxidermist on the delay and not start asking for price cuts etc.
Now, as for me I never give exact dates only estimates along the lines of 4-6 mos for example. My reciept states "our finish times are estimates and not gaurenteed" I agree we should not promise anything we can't keep so therefore I don't give exact dates. I don't think anyone is saying it is ok to tell a person one date and not get it completed by then just why delays can happen. Bottom line- Quality is # 1, then worry about the rest!

Thanks Becky

This response submitted by Mike on 1/22/01. ( )

Sounds like you have the right idea. You realize the importance of getting a clients stuff back to them. Sounds like you probably have many satisfied clients. Thanks for your feedback. Good Luck in all you do. Mike

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