Buckeye Mannikins 2001 catalogs are on the way to you!

Submitted by Heath on 1/20/01. ( heath6799@yahoo.com )

Just a quick note to tell everyone that our 2001 Buckeye Mannikins catalog beginning to be mailed out this past friday. We want to thank everyone for being patient with us as we had to work some bugs out with the printing. There are alot of new items in the catalog and you can start seeing some of the new items on our website. Thanks again.

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THANK GOD.......

This response submitted by Dave on 1/20/01. ( stufer856@aol.com )

Ya know I have been checking the mail every day! Like a kid waiting for Christmas. Not kidding ya, Just love the new wolf form. and looking forward to the New open mouth change out head.

Great Service

This response submitted by Becky on 1/21/01. ( Keytaxidermy )

Heath- I wonder if you are who I talked to last week when I placed an order? Anyway, I asked if you could SHIP to me the next day...heck, it came the NEXT day! Wow! I called in the eve. too! Glad to hear the catalog is on the way....looking forward to those new mammal forms!

Thanks Becky

This response submitted by Heath on 1/21/01. ( heath6799@yahoo.com )

Thanks for the compliment Becky. Yes, I was the one you talked to. Your catalog is on the way and I hope you like the new mammal forms as much as everyone else is telling us. If you or anyone else reading this post has any questions or requests, feel free to give us a call or email, that's what we are there for. Thanks again

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