Hey Dominic

Submitted by Will on 1/23/01. ( willywill59@yahoo.com )

Thanks for your response. It's nice to see that your opinions are being expressed in a way that doesn't belittle others whose opinions differ from yours. It's obvious that you are firm in your beliefs and I can appreciate that. My wife and I were discussing this and after she read your post she looked at me and said, "Get your feelings out of this and listen to what the man has to say." Needless to say, that kinda woke me up a bit.
It's a good thing to live in a place that allows others to express their opinions freely. Many of us have spent years of our lives defending that in the military and in the political forum and I respect that. Doesn't mean that I can't get my hackles up once in a while, though. In this case I do think that I reacted too strongly to you when it's obvious now that all you were doing was what I asked. Thanks for your opinion, your follow-up post and everything.

Just to set the record straight:

I think the NTA,IGT and all the state associations have done taxidermy and the general public a HUGE service by promoting the art, educating clients, and improving the genral art of taxidermy. It's events in the past few years that brought me to the conclusion that I don't wish to support an organization that I CURRENTLY have some concerns over. I think it was Yox that said the NTA was going through some growing pains. I'm sure that these will get worked out and despite the problems will be a place for learning and fellowship.

I don't remember who said this but I read it in here. If you want to point out problems then suggest a solution. Otherwise all you are doing is b$#%ching. Great words those are, and some advice that would do me well to remember next time I open my big mouth!

Dominic, thanks for your differing opinions, but most of all, thanks for letting me know that they were only that, not personal attacks!



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Will, Just a Thought

This response submitted by George on 1/23/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

Regardless of the organization, whether it's the NTA, IGT, state association, or the PTA and Little League, they all go through spurts of "growing pains". It's always interesting to see someone on the outside commenting on it while implying that once those problems are "fixed" they'll consider membership. Aren't they fortunate they don't have to worry about HOW to fix it?

Many times, organizations have problems only because someone didn't see them coming or failed to react quickly. Most organization depend on less than 10% of its members to do 100% of the work. Guess those other 90% are just too busy, but they always seem to have enough time to complain that no one asked them for their opinion or asked them to help. Americans have a hard time understanding that when you don't stand to be counted, you will be counted anyway. Not speaking out is synonomous with agreeing with what's said. Sitting back waiting for others to fix the problem amounts to being satisfied with the outcome.

So if that organization that you'd consider joining has some problems, why not join now, become active in, and help fix the problem? It goes back to that old adage, "If you're not a part of the solution, you're part of the problem."

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