Communist Russia?

Submitted by Dan on 1/23/01. ( )

DNR did a random check on me recently, Most area's in great shape,small errors everyone has them, Until they open a bobcat in my freezer (clearly marked) however in my haste the tag was elsewhere ....and I had it within 1 min. My cat has been seized, and I don't like it! anyone have a legal way to retreive it. It was a mistake, They need to get.. or do real work. Maybe it's just me,...Dan

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sounds like its just you Dan

This response submitted by just little ole me on 1/24/01. ( )

sounds to me like they did the job they are paid to do...if it was your responsibility to have the tag with the cat...and you didn't...don't get mad at them they did their job....finding untagged cats apparently.....they don't care if YOU don't like it ...go to court plead ignorance with the Judge...he might give you a break, and return the cat to you, but its evidence now, prima facia evidence that the cat wasn't properly tagged, and I suspect that the court is the only outfit that can legally return it to you at this point.....but to avoid the situation , tag whats supposed to be tagged, and only have whats legal in your freezer....cheers


This response submitted by George on 1/24/01. ( )

I will sign my name, but what "lil ole me" said is correct. I know there are some overzealous wardens, but we have some overzealous taxidermist right here on the forum. When you sign on in this business, you agree to accept the aggravations that go with it. I'm fortunate to live in a small state where they don't have a law for the type of gum you chew in your shop, but I have a Federal bird license. When you read the small print there, it can get pretty scary. You should be glad it wasn't a stupid duck, or worse, a great horned owl or sharp shinned hawk that I have in MY freezer. The federal guys would have impounded your house. Just right it off as a lesson learned and protect yourself in the future.

P.S. You probably used your title post for emphasis, but unless you ever saw it, you have now idea how bad Communist Russian oppression really was.

Some states dont required a tag on Bobcats

This response submitted by John C on 1/24/01. ( )

Ous dont, UNLESS you are going to sell it, or ship it across state lines.

write you appeal to the cheif of enforcment for your DNR. you may get it back, maybe not. JOhnC

too many laws

This response submitted by rick bell on 1/27/01. ( )

we all been there,i guess it's just the fact
that we now have so many laws it's hard to
keep track of everything.i know we need the laws to protect us & the environment from
irresponsible people.when something like this happens & it is unfair, you have to either depend on your good reputation,& tell it to the judge;or live with seems to me that lately people are getting so turned off by this kind of law enforcement that they quit
hunting, fishing, or doing taxidermy.i wonder if that is why hunting has fallen off in the last few years, in this state.they wonder why
no younger people are interested in hunting any more.all it takes is one bad experience. the fact of the matter is that things are getting tighter,& more restrictive.if you
are going to do anything make sure it's legal
& you got all the paperwork;because there are so many laws & so many enforcement agencies,
on the job now.they even check my trash when i go to the dump are even at risk driving your in your car any more.some days i think if i put a hotdog on the antenna there so many police radar units that the thing would get microwaved by the time i get where i'm goin.the fact is the guy with the badge,if he catches you doin somethin illegal he or she can burn you.i just hope they don't start puting them together in the same car. can you imagine getting stoped by a cop for speeding & then he calls the epa or the fcc or the irs or the dnr or dea or the air force or what's still the best country in the world anyway inspite of some over zelous law enforcement officers.
good luck i hope you get your cat back.
rick bell

no way

This response submitted by sindre myrvoll on 12/3/01. ( )

you will not get it back ever

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