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Submitted by Lars on 1/24/01. ( )

After an emotional campaign, backed by many "suckered-in" sportsman groups, the Metropolitain majority voted in the I-143 inititive. Crying " Keep MT Elk free!" And, "Don't allow shooting of Elk in a pen!" It really had nothing to do with Mt's wild Elk herds, or pens. It only applied to farm Elk, and most of the ranches are huge! "They" said, We won't shut any current Gamefarming down. But the inititive stated the farmers would not be able to sell or hunt their Elk. ? Is'nt that shutting them down? They lied to the public, saying, " Oh, this only applies to any NEW farms." Well, it also applied to existing ones. They also included a stipulation that no game farm could be passed down to heirs. Did we need constant monitering of the farms for CWD? You bet, and in an effort to help , I was removing brain matter from farm Elk so the local Vet could examine them.N/C. An outbreak of CWD could be devistating to my business. This Inititive has opened the door to any group, who feels that ANY activity that is distastefull to them, can now be effectivly shut down by preying on the emotions of a non-hunting population, and getting their votes. Taxidermy can now be next. Did I have business from the Game farms? You bet, a small fraction. Do I hunt Game farms? No, it's not my idea of a hunting experience. If you don't like it , don't use it! But don't spoon feed an idea to armchair outdoor's-man who will never know both sides of the story. The real agenda of MADCOW, which was the group responsible for rallying the suckers to "their" cause, may soon become evident. They have, indeed, found a way to get hunters to put their own heads in "the noose". Montana Taxidermist Assn. did NOT support the Inititive.

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This response submitted by George on 1/24/01. ( )

I know for a fact, since my lovely Senator Joe Biden has made calls already, that there is a move nationally to eliminate all game farming. I agree with you. I wouldn't go to a game farm to shoot any penned animal, no matter how large the impoundment, but what about shooting pheasants, quail, chukars, and huns? Most of us can't find them growing in our back yards. So where do you draw the line on "game farms". We all need to be more vigilant of innocent sounding laws that feel good and interpret them like the PETA nitwits intend to.

game farming

This response submitted by Richard Gensch on 1/24/01. ( )

I understand where lars is coming from on this issue of game farms.However 2 years ago a game farm in Phillipsburg Mt had 3 confirmed elk with cronic wasting disease out of a heard of 77.I do not want to take the chance of losing a precious resource so some individuals can run a profit.We have many examples of devestation when domestic animals with certain ills come in contact with wild animals.One that stands out in my mind is when the wild bighorn sheep heards in Anaconda and south of Butte Mt died of because they came into contact with domestic sheep and developed pasterella and ALL the sheep perished.The Anaconda heard is just know coming back where permits are issued for hunting,not so with the herd south of Butte.If there was some way that we could ensure that all game farm animals were free of cwd and would be no threat to wild animals I would be all for it.Take care Rich.

Whats amazing it Montana is home to Boone and Crocket club

This response submitted by John C on 1/24/01. ( )

Guess B&C would not get involved becaues it was a local issue and they are turd balls about trying to help fight these.

It seems like NO someone with a cattle ranch could be shut down and not allowed to sell or harvest their herd. A crop is a crop horses, cattle, deer, elk.

The Montana people should wake up, it took ARKANSAS sometime to get is straight. Some idiots here only had five acres for hunting now there is a min. for acrage.

Whats next? John C


This response submitted by Brad on 1/24/01. ( )

This is how PETA works they try to divide sportsman into two groups. Then they try tobreak the sportsman apart. Once they get you split on the subject they then go in for the kill. Here in Wis. the debate is over bear hunting with dogs. Heres where they come in they tell everyone to vote against bear hunting with dogs once they have that then they want coon dogs to stop. Where does it end. When are the sportsman going to unite. Even though you don't agree with a type of hunting people think are sporting you still have to support them because someday PETA will try to take your own hunting rights away. Sportsman have to unite. Their are safety in numbers.

Brad has it right

This response submitted by John Morley on 1/26/01. ( )

I would not chose to go on a canned hunt, but who am I to judge the motive of someone who would. What if it was a 12 year old kid who had all his life dreamed of shooting an elk only to find out he has cancer and won't ever get the chance. Then would you advocate a canned hunt? What if pyhsical abilities prevented someone from a 'normal' hunt? What if a new comer join the hunting ranks after being taken to a canned hunt? There are a ton of differnet reasons people go on these. The anti's will feed us the bait and watch us tear each other apart. Mean while they sit back lick their chops and come in to wipe us out after we are tired from fighting ourselves.

Bite Me

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