rotary fleshing machine blades

Submitted by mario filippi on 1/24/01. ( )

I am an Austrakian taxidermist, looking to contact a maker
of the various currently available fleshing machine blades.

I would like to discuss a new type of blade which I have
designed. I believe this design may be of benefit to the

This could be a revolutionary design. I have tested this
blade over a period of years with excellent results.

Please contact me by e-mail initially.

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This response submitted by Bobby on 1/24/01. ( )

You mention that you are Austrakian,Is that a distant planet or the country of Austrakia?

Contact me with information

This response submitted by Robert E. Phillips on 1/29/01. ( )

Please contact me at the above email or by telephone at 605-796-4425 Ext 212. I would be interested to hearing about this new blade.
Robert Phillips
Product Manager
Van Dyke Taxidermy Supply

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