Only in America!

Submitted by marty on 1/24/01. ( )

Only in America can convicted drug users and child molesters go free because the president says so. Bill Clinton IS the scum of the earth! Thank You, I feel better!

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This response submitted by NAVEL ORANGE on 1/24/01. ( scum of the earth cause i never leave email addr )

Marty you mean it took you 8 years, to realize that!
Glad your feeling better


This response submitted by marty on 1/24/01. ( )

...just been holdin it in for eight years!

Help is here!

This response submitted by Christoforo on 1/25/01. ( )

I also have been without a president for 8 years, looking forward now on the national scale, but alas it is still DARK on the state level for me (Mass),a one party liberal, democratic, (socialist/ quazi nazi) state. If Henrick Hemmeler was resurected and run in a election with the big "D" after his name , he would win and even get the jewish vote in this state. Did you happen to see the leading senator from Mass at the Ashcroft hearings, what a discrace. In MAss they let pedifiles out jail also, they send them to Montana!

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