Gladiators 2 chapter 1

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Disgruntled NTA villagers were tossed into the center of the web ring at the demands of the emperor. The lifelong members sporting only thin armor to cover their well-intentioned hearts began to engage this ever-growing band of misfit gladiators, also at the behest of the emperor. Clashing swards and flashing iron shields soon filled the arena with the sight and sounds of battle as whiffs of sweat and blood lofted up to the spectators. Hurling accusations and well placed daggers from both sides made for a good game today, as the crowd cheered the gladiators on for more in this heated and unforgiving arena!

Now the emperor of the land of Taxidermy was known by all with many different names as depicted by his supreme guard. Some of their names were in rank as follows: Ego, Fear, insecurity, confusion, and last but not least divisions. This emperor had become impatient with his subjects so he sought to entertain himself by bringing in brutal games to the arena. This day, he was particularly enjoying himself while feasting in the shade of his box seat as the games ensued below him.

Then suddenly, one of the large spiked iron gates thrust upward and a fiery chariot launched out from the dark terminal. The broken and weary gladiators paused briefly only to wonder what new misery had been sprung upon them. Everyone in the arena could read the familiar blue letters that lit up the sides of this mystery chariot that read: WASCO. They all quickly recognized that it was Sir Edwards and his powerful team of horses called He encircled the gladiators with lightening speed stirring up clouds of dust while clasping the reins of information and discussion in his left hand and cracking a long cable like whip with his right. He began equally removing the harsh and soiled steel weapons from each of the warriors grip. The emperor was furious at this bold display from Sir Edwards, as he watched him hurl out bronze keypads to the embittered gladiators! Such defiance against the emperor, and acts of good will towards the common brute began to unite the republic of Taxidermy.

"Now the great and noble land of Taxidermy can be united once again", the people cried and cheered! As they gathered up their bronze keypads and left peacefully, each to their own homes and villages of their choice. Some settled in the village of the WTC, NTA, IGT, and WR. Some to their own state villages and others became nomads traveling freely around the countryside from village to village.

Because the people were united as Taxidermists first, they became wise and strong. They were able to banish the evil emperor from the land, and the different villages could live in peace with one another. They learned to fight only those foreign countries who would try to take away their trade and way of life. Their skills increased at a much faster rate and knowledge spread through out the whole land (thanks to Sir Edwards and his bronze keypads). Many new taxidermists came to be in this land, and as a result many new ideas and quality products were discovered that helped make their craft better and easier. Kings from distant lands began to inquire and seek out the treasures that they were able to create in the great land of Taxidermy!

The end of chapter one . . .

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This response submitted by Lorrie on 1/24/01. ( )

This is going to be GREAT for my new Crying Towel Business!

Jim-Bob will ask me to marry him, and I will live happily ever ever after...

Life is GOOD!



This response submitted by angeline on 1/24/01. ( )

sir storyteller is in need of work


This response submitted by Dave L. on 1/24/01. ( )

Doesn't this guy have nothing to mount? Bored in his shop? Would take me a week to think and write such a story. Is there going to be a chapter 2?

Dear Sir

This response submitted by Leanna on 1/24/01. ( )

I commend thee on what thou hast writ. I ALMOST got a blanket and some popcorn to curl up to, but alas, endeth chapter 1.

Way-eth cool-eth.


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This response submitted by high on 1/25/01. ( )

tell us more ! it was getting so good !

Wow good piece of work,

This response submitted by Barry on 1/27/01. ( )

X gladiator. Alot being said here in a funny way. Iwounder how many
get it?

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