Did you catch the piece on ABC's World News Tonight?

Submitted by BobB on 1/25/01. ( foxranch@hotmail.com )

ABC did a piece tonight on the Daimler-Chrysler group and the decline of the value of this merger. This was suppose to be the marriage of two equals.

However nearly half the value of the merger is now gone. The American managers have been tossed out, thousands of US jobs are at risk.

American managers apparently didn't like being told what to do, instead of being asked to do it. They didn't like being forced into doing things.

Isn't it nice to know, that taxidermists are not the only Americans in the World, who resent being forced into things. I guess that is just our unique nature.

Forcing Americas to do things, certainly has harmed Daimler-Chrysler
where it hurts most - their pocketbook. They face the potential for even greater lost.

I hope that this lesson is truly understood, forcing Americans to do things, can have terrible results.

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More jobs blessed by the CLINTON ADMIN.

This response submitted by John C on 1/25/01. ( )

I have been around the world and saw what the world thinks of the USA. Most dont like us for our living style is far better than theirs. Even the 1st world Europeon countries. We selodm have three or four generations living under the same roof, never have I seen 99 year home loans that I know my children should pay back. Our ancestors had the chances to get land for free for some hard work and sweet building equity in it each day. Not in Europe, seldom do's or did a have a chance to purchase acrage our yards are bigger than their gardens. I have felt for a long time the CLinton Amin was trying to tear down AMERICA. In my state alone over 30,000 jobs have been shipped south of the border, Clinto gave us this thing he claimed was good. I don't hate the MEXICANS for it, its not their fault they can get by on less wages for a meger existence.

Now I see that more US jobs have disappered.

When will it stop? How can we make it stop?

It is time we Americans, red, black, yellow or white put a stop to this. We are the envey and hate of the world. Time to call Washington and speak your mind.

Aren't those jobs...

This response submitted by marty on 1/26/01. ( )

manual labor jobs that are extremely repetitive and basically no qualifications are needed? I'm not supporting Bubba here and I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with you, I'm just curious as to what kind of jobs these were?
Now, my two cents. I firmly believe (and have given the Econ101 speech on this forum many times) that you buy the best product for the best price - WHEREVER IT'S MADE! This is what made America what it is today - competition to weed out the weak. Most Economists agree with this philosophy, to a point. There are many other variables that come into play with the economy and any one act may or may not impact things. But in general, if Mexican labor (eg.) can make faucet handles cheaper and better that Americans then let them. We can focus on bigger and better things where our expertise comes into play - such as (eg.) designing the mechanisms that make the faucets run efficiently, or whatever. I get really fired up with a couple of friends of mine that are adament about buying American cars "to support the American economy". And for whatever reasons they cannot understand that they are in effect potentially supporting a weaker product and therefore HARMING the American economy in the long run. This is not to say that the American cars are not as good, this IS to say that you should look at all the makes and decide from the price and quality on which to buy - not who makes it....

I agree with marty

This response submitted by Leon on 1/26/01. ( mith124@hotmail. com )

I agree with Marty, Sometimes I can not understand why some people from this pioneer country start whining about competition. Somehow we feel we should be insulated of the realities that affect everyone else in the world. If someone can make a product cheaper, and better then they have earn the chance to produce such a product. As Americans I believe, we have lost our edge, we have asleep believed that the world is here to follow our commands. Instead of complaining about the jobs that immigrants "steal from us" should we try to be better workers and compete fairly. I think is a shame that someone who is born in this country with all the opportunities that we have to offer has the be whining about the job he lost to a foreign force. We should be way above, as Marty said we should focus in higher things that are what has make this a great nation.


The News Piece wasn't about losing jobs to foreign countries

This response submitted by BobB on 1/27/01. ( foxranch@hotmail.com )

The story line of the piece that ABC did, was in no way about losing american jobs to foreign companies. That isn't what's happening.

The story was about a merger of 2 giants in the auto industry. However after Diamler bought Chysler, they began demanding that the American managers do this or that, rather than work with the American managers. As the americans didn't appreciate being forced into things they were then removed and replaced with Diamlers managers.

Now the line workers are being treated the same way and moral within the plants is low.

Since the merger the value of the new company has dropped nearly in half, putting the remaining US jobs at risk, as the company itself is now at risk.

This is not about the quality of American products, or the expense of producing them elsewhere. It is about management style. Americans did not react well to being forced into things, and as the Diamler people were in charge, they then got rid of the American managers.

Bob, my comment was more in tune with John's comment...

This response submitted by marty on 1/27/01. ( meshimkus@home.com )

I missed the ABC world news on the Daimler/Chrysler piece. Sounds like Chrysler didn't get a good deal (ie a 50/50 relationship) with the merger. I'm not really sure why Chrysler went for the mwerger in the first place. Their gross annual profits were double that of GM and Ford, yet they were only ~ 1/2 the size! The marketing of their products via the Viper, Prowler and now PT Cruiser was an act of pure genius! I guess when you get to that level of Corporate America only the "Big Wigs" know what's going on and I suspect they were looking to grow and stay ahead of the competition... who knows?

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