McKenzie's New Integral Hanger

Submitted by George on 1/25/01. ( )

As McKenzie has been one of my prime suppliers for years, I know their products and customer service are superb, but I think this integral hanger is a bust. With today's order, I was supplied with levelrite hangers. Their attached letter stated that some inferior hangers had been used and they were working on better quality. The levelrite should now be used to buffer the inlaid hanger.

For the past 3 nights, I've queried the chat room and have yet to find a single person who likes this addition. If you are one of those, you need to contact them and tell them. I don't care how good the plastic is, I don't want my customers dreams and memories hanging on it. My suggestion is they eliminate the inlaying and supply levelrites with all their mannikens. Or better yet, let me decide how I want to hang my customers mounts, deduct the increase in price for this "service" and stick to making superior forms for us to use.

What's YOUR feelings?

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Make sure they are on

This response submitted by Elmer on 1/26/01. ( )

George I think the hangers need some second thought although the thought was in good interest the hangers are tough to hang. Too close to backboard. If you staple the fur on the back you have to make sure that the screw or nail you are attempting to hang the mount onis protruding far enough out of the wall to ensure it gets in the slot and slides in the dividers for the teeth. I dropped two deer off the wall before I started double checking to make sure it was on the hanger. Once I realized this I had no problems but I didn,t want my customer to have the same problems. Good thought but I will probably use a different hanger.

McKenzie' s new hanger

This response submitted by Janie on 1/26/01. ( )

McKenzie thought they were helping I guess by including a hanger but the fact is that we mount over a 100 shoulder mounts every year and there are not many that do not want a panel so there you are, it's covered up. I would agree with you that the levelrite could be included if they wish to supply a hanger or otherwise just forget about it because if you do not use it you just end up paying for something you can't use.

Fly on the wall!

This response submitted by GoddessX2 on 1/26/01. ( )

Dear George,

Leanna and I have already filed our first flight plans. We will be toting camcorders, and will arrive unannounced. Prattle on! :-)


This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 1/26/01. ( )

I also dislike the hangers. Wish they would of asked us first. But here's a way to increase the price of their maninkin and say look how we help. I do not use this type of hangers at all. I use the Bowen's hangers on all the mounts unless it needs a panel. Why oh why do they waste their money and mine as for that.

Same Here

This response submitted by Becky on 1/26/01. ( Keytaxidermy )

I don't like them either, although I thought the "idea" was a good one. I do like the better looking backboard with the wood clear to the edge but thumbs down on the hangers. I have let three go out of here so far and now wish I would have just added my own.....maybe I need to do a re-call !


This response submitted by DON W on 1/26/01. ( )

i picked up one of the forms with the new hanger and when i saw it i just installed my cheapo corner iron to hang the mount from! i wouldnt trust the new hangers and i agree, takem off and bring the price back down! other than that, McKenzie makes a great form in my oponion.


Excellent forms Bad hangars

This response submitted by Dan on 1/26/01. ( )

I think McKenzie has some of the best forms on the market, But i've tried using the hangars and just get nervous walking away,expecting it to crash to the floor, I'm going to keep putting my normal hangars on and hope the customers aren't to confused

My 2 cents

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 1/26/01. ( )

I think the hangers are ok if you pay attention, but most customers are not going to, so I use level right hangers anyway. On the other hand the new back boards that go all the way to the edge are SUPER! I can't tel you how many times I have mounted game where the skin will just barely go over the edge and I have to try and anchor it in foam. So I say dump the hangers but PLEASE do not dump the new full backboards!

Hanging it up

This response submitted by Leanna on 1/26/01. ( )

I actually thought it was a nice idea, but not one I really care for. I don't like the type of hanger they chose, and my gut feeling on the hanger was not a good one, the niggling mistrust was always at the back of my mind so I pupped out and attatch my favorite hangers anyway. So that makes it a nuisance to me and almost more of a time consumer. Like working around a "knot" in a really great piece of wood. And as my favorite deer mannikins come from McKenzie, I will continue to work around this knot with a bit of vexation.

Hangers okay but

This response submitted by Dan R on 1/26/01. ( )

I like the hangers for hanging up the unused forms (gets them out of the way). But when I'm finished with the mount it goes on a backboard and the hanger is a waste.

only 1 so far

This response submitted by deer woman on 1/26/01. ( )

Only mounted 1 deer on it so far, the 130's pope and young is still hanging fine on its screw, never had any problem hooking it up either.This makes me want to go look at it now!

I admire McKenzie

This response submitted by BigD on 1/26/01. ( )

I admire them for trying something new. That is the kind of attitude that will lead to further innovations and advancements of our art. All ideas are not going to be successful, but I'm glad they continue to be an industry leader in innovation.

Dont Like

This response submitted by Chad.J on 1/26/01. ( )

I dont trust them,I hve to go with the Hanger i trust "The Noose"
Thanks chad

...and I thought...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/27/01. ( )

...that the price increase was due to the foam price, I really didnt think McKenzie was "up" to anything! Cant beat those Bowen hangers for the big or offset stuff, though!

OK Let me throw my wrench in the spokes!

This response submitted by Marc on 1/27/01. ( )

I'm not sure what all the fuss is over. I've been using them so far without any problems. Thought it was an excellent idea from McKenzie, and I don't think the neglegent price increase is going to make anyone file chapter 13. Very few of my customers want their mount on a panel and those that do I try to talk them out of the idea, I think panels are tacky! No hate mail please, that's just MY opinion. I have noticed on a few occasions though that when I thought it was secured to the hanger, it (screw or nail) was catching the hide where I'd stapled it. Fortunately no mishap, seems my screw wasn't sticking out far enough. Solved that problem easy enough! Then again, everyone knows we only have "dog-sized" deer here in NC, right!? Marc

Seems to me......

This response submitted by DonR on 1/27/01. ( )

....that if you place a deer on a panel you're wasting your money, by having to install a second hanger. Think about this, McKenzie now installs permanent hangers right, and the price of the manniken goes up. All in the name of innovation, but what has really happened is that they get your and my money twice for the same thing, IF you use a panel. What good is a built in hanger if I'm going to cover it up with a board. So now I have to buy a level rite or whatever you use to use on the panel. So, slowly but surely they get another 60 cents or whatever it is for every manniken they sell. Multiply that by however many they sell and BOOM They make another million dollars (don't know really) all in the name of innovation. I like McKenzie don't get me wrong, I use a lot of their stuff. But to me this is pretty "see thru". If they really want to help out I agree with what I think George said, Just send a "Level-Rite" hanger for every manniken we buy, If the deer is not to go on a panel then we'll place the hanger. If it does go on a panel then I'm not out 60 or so cents for every head I mount. If you mount 100 deer head a year that's $60.00 you spent that you are not getting any benefit from. I think McKenzie should re-think this statagy.

Read your letters again

This response submitted by CHUCK on 1/27/01. ( )

I too have bought a McKenzie mannikin with the integral plastic hanger.I read the letter they sent with it also.Let me paraphrase-
"We have gotten some complaints on the integral hanger system . The plastic tabs break off due to repeated wall positioning.Under normal hanging procedures the hanger functions as designed.Until the current supply (with the hanger)is exhausted ,we are adding a FREE levelrite hanger .If you have ordered a mannikin with the plastic hanger and have not received a metal levelrite hanger,notify us asap and we will send one to you FREE of charge."
Whats wrong with that people?They noticed there was a problem and they are trying to fix it.At least they give you the metal hanger for free.I noticed the cheap plastic right off and don't plan to use the levelrite.I use the NOOSE too,my only choice for game heads.McKenzie,you make some awesome mannikins-keep it up.


This response submitted by Shane on 1/28/01. ( )

Most people on the forums are continually arguing over how to price their work. Most people agree to succeed in business you must charge a fee that is fair to you and the customer. This fee is bound to increase with the cost of living if you wish to succeed. I seriously doubt that McKenzie was established so that "We" could get rich. My guess is they had someone else in mind. They are in business for the same reason most of us are "to make money".
This is starting to sound like a customer who whines about a price increase on a shoulder mount.

Shane, You Miss the Point

This response submitted by George on 1/28/01. ( )

My comment had nothing to do with PRICE. Its principle. I use McKenzie forms almost exclusively (and the "almost" is just there for the rare forms they don't carry) and I expect prices to always increase. That's life. What I don't expect is for any company to decide what kind of accessories I use. (Remember Bill Gates is still in the hot seat for such arbitrary decisions). They sell hangers and I prefer to select my own. It still wouldn't be that big of a deal except now there's a HOLE IN MY BACKBOARD where I would put my preferred hanger.

The letter I got didn't imply they were discontinuing the practice. It said that they would supply levelrites until their supplier got his act together.

I think their conversion to full backboard with better grade plywood was spectacular, especially with capes cut a little short where you only had a thumbnail to staple in place. But I ALWAYS cover the back of my mounts. If there is no panel, I cut a shield of cardboard to cover the unfinished hide and staples. I hate seeing the ragged back of some mounts. Then I install a hanger, but now, the hanger has no plywood to affix to.

As far as I know, there is no plastic on the market that has the comparable strength of a dry wall screw or 10d nail. Can you imagine Milo Hansen entrusting his world record whitetail to a plastic toothed hanger. My clients may not have bucks that big, but they're every bit as important to them and I won't trust a plastic sawtooth to hold a dream.

I don't CARE if they charge me more for the form. Just sell me what I pay for and let me decide what utilities I want to use with them.

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