dependability list for forum

Submitted by eric on 1/27/01. ( )

does anyone have any ideas as to how we could come up with a list of dependable "forum fur dealers" ? its unfortunate that a wonderful tool like this forum has to be tainted by a few dishonest peaple who claim to have this and will sell you that only to "take the money and run"....and yes i know you should always research and ask questions b4 dealing with an individual but that is not always possible due to time constraints.....i dont know just a little fed up i guess, but some kind of "good guy or bad guy" list might help eliviate the problem a little....lets here some ideas

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What do some of you do?

This response submitted by Mike on 1/27/01. ( )

I am interested in this topic also. How do most of you take care of transactions from this forum? I feel like the bad guy sometimes when I require that I get the money before I send the item I sold. I don't blame people for not sending the money without having the item in hand
also. What is the answer? I don't like the extra cost of COD. You also take the risk of the shipping and COD cost and then the package not being excepted. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mike

go on guts.

This response submitted by Tenbears on 1/27/01. ( )

often that is all you have. I have found most people to be honest, I feel when I am the buyer I am the one taking the risk, By the same token when I sell It is me that is in the catbird seat. And will not send Any item untill I have cash in hand.
The truely sad thing is if someone Advertises On the taxidermy net Gets Your Money, And never ships your Item, you are just out of luck.what's worse is if you post a message warning people of the individual,your post will be pulled from this forum before anyone can read it.I have had someone(whose name i will not mention, to keep this post from being pulled) sell me reproduction fish,get my payment,cashed the check,and never shipped the item.when I correspond with them via email, all i get are excuses.for over 6 months my money and my fish have been sitting in Sweet home Oregon. I feel like the owner of the southern pacific railroad continuously being held up by the James Gang.

Why not...

This response submitted by George on 1/27/01. ( )

..ask for verification BY MAIL before you start the transaction. Many companies insist of written verification on letterhead stationary or attach business card. Likely, the unsavory characters have neither or certainly don't want you to have a physical address to locate them. If you are in business, operate LIKE a business. If that is an affront to someone, that's a pretty good indicator in itself as to their character.

I agree with Mike

This response submitted by Mick on 1/27/01. ( )

I've sold furbearers through this site since it's beginning, and my policy has always been payment first, and I've never had a single complaint about this.As Mike said COD adds unneccesary expense to already too high shipping costs, and in the case of frozen skins or specimens, could create extra difficulties in delivery were the buyer not there to accept the delivery. As a rule, I ship items immediatly with credit card verification, upon receipt of money order, or upon bank clearence of personal checks.
Some tips to avoid getting burned in an internet transaction...ask questions first, to be sure of what you're getting. Ask the seller if he can provide photos of item being sold. Check the national trappers association web site and click the fur auction links to find out the market values of furbearers. Realize too that if you purchase an animal that has been skinned and prepped by a professional taxidermist, then you are paying for this service as well. If they are prepped, ask the seller how long they have been involved in taxidermy? Realize that someone who has been in this business for a length of time, is less likely to make a bad deal,both from an experience level as well as unwillingness to jeopardize their reputation on nickle-dime stuff.
Finally, I don't know that the good guy, bad guy idea would be as benificial as it seems. We see the negative posting here on the board now from posters hiding in their anonimity, and I think a forum dealing specifically with this type of thing would open up a brand new arena for some of these morons to operate in (of course no offense ment to the regulars of this site, and odds are, if you're one of those morons, you already know it anyways). I think the forums themselves lend some advantage to helping eliminate the bad apples, simply by guys and gals making a post here when and if they encounter a bad deal. It also gives the seller an opportunity to address this if they so desire. And all things being equal it gives the reader a chance to read and determine on their own, rather than the reponsibility over to Ken & Sallie to determine who goes on a good guy list, and who gets black balled.I for one believe that if you believe that you got burned in a deal, you absolutely should make a post to the effect and give details, I believe doing so, is doing a good service for your fellow taxidermists. Obviously some discretion is required, but if you've tried to remedy the problem, and gotten nowhere with the offending party, why not warn others? It should also go without saying, that if you have the gonads to make a negative post about bad dealings with another, then you should also have the gonads to post your e-mail address and allow interested folks the opportunity to contact you with questions. Personally, I don't allow myself to consider complaints made by those who don't provide any e-mail as a kind of validation to their complaint. Sure some guys will say, what's that prove, blah, blah,blah? My point is, I've met many of the folks that post here, and talked on the phone with many more, so they know who I am. The same is apt to be true with many of those who would feel the need to post a complaint, and I think you're less likely to post a bogus complaint with your e-mail, when you know that others know you. My bottom line is, watch who you deal with, remember that if it sounds too good to be true...,and if you still get burned then use the forums as a responsible tool to warn others. Take care, and do on to others...

try ebay

This response submitted by Leon on 1/27/01. ( )

If I really want an item I go to ebay and setup a private bidding transaction, as long it is under 200.00 I am issured by ebay, if the deal is not completed.
Other thing that i have done when i realize that a deal is going bad. is find out the person phone number and give them a call, they are ussually shocked to find out that I know their phone number... I politely ask what is going on and from that point on it ussually every thing goes fine. how I find out people's info.....ty this web site, is scary but this is for eveyone use.


Check out "Paypal"

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 1/27/01. ( )

Have any of you heard of a free service that is provided on the Internet that takes care of transactions, and protects both the seller and the buyer? If you haven't it's called PayPal and they have a website.
Actually technically they do charge businesses that strictly sell products a fee, but as an individual buyer and seller I don't think it counts.

I used them recently to buy about $6000.00 worth of Aquaculture books for $500.00 and it worked beautifully.

As a seller the money from the buyer is electronically transferred and as a buyer if you don't get what you paid for the money is reinbursed to you for I believe up to $5000.00

This service may not be for all, but it is worth checking out. I'm considering using it when I get my next group of fish I grow for sale up to size. I was really not impressed with my credit card company, as they wouldn't stand up to bat for me when I customer did a chargeback because he didn't recall ordering from me.


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