Hey Everyone!

Submitted by Adam on 1/29/01. ( MammalSpec@aol.com )

Hey everyone i just wanted to say hello, seeing as i havent been on these forums for quite a while mainly due to the fact my taxidermy abilities have been shutoff for a while because i have no workspace any longer...well not till spring or summer....i hope a few of you remember me at least.....


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This response submitted by George on 1/29/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

I told you that your Mom was going to break it off in you if you didn't stop skinning squirrels on the kitchen table. LOL CYA soon.

End of patience !

This response submitted by JL on 1/29/01. ( wmlures@xtdl.com )

I knew your days were numbered when you moved the washing machine to make room for the autotanner.Mothers will only stand just so much pressure and adding this to the kitchen table, squirrel skinning derby had to be the last straw. Be looking for you...good luck JL

written a squirrel book lately?

This response submitted by Brandon on 1/29/01. ( laughlinb87 )


Hi Adam!

This response submitted by MarkV. on 1/29/01. ( fishspec30@centurytel.net )

Hi Adam, Glad to see your back. Your mom probably got mad at you for the grease on the chandeliers in the living room right? LOL Glad to see your back take care talk soon on the chat ok, MarkV.


This response submitted by Adam on 1/30/01. ( MammalSpec@aol.com )

wel i dont have workspace any longer cuz ther is no table to work at.the dining room has been converted into a bedroom because my 96 year old grandmother has moved in....yes...i am currently psycho because of that...anyway....thats why i have no place to work oh and by the way...something interesting...i took Aqua Culture class in school this year...we are raising Bluegill, Hybrid Stripe bass, and Koi in a a huge tank at school...its a cool class...and at the end of the year after the fish are grown we have to market them.....


This response submitted by Lorrie on 1/30/01. ( Lorro1969@aol.com )

Hi Adam,

Hang in there! I know what it is like living with really old folks! It can be rewarding if you are patient, but is definitely taxing - and I don't mean in a dermy kinda way!

Try to make a connection - you will all be better for it. :-)

That class does sound interesting!

Best of luck,


Mammal Spec!

This response submitted by Leanna on 1/30/01. ( scardeer@cornernet.com )

Adam, you never mentioned to your mother that I said you could spin your hides out in the washer did you? And you did scoop out the hair collected on the insides of the machine afterwards?! As for grandma, enjoy her while you can, older people are so wise...blah blah blah, right?! As for workspace, put a piece of plywood over the endtable in the living room and have at it! LOL

Seeya kiddo

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