Just Complaining!

Submitted by Woody on 1/29/01. ( wc55@hemc.net )

I've got to gripe about this or I'll pop! -- Received 2 Elk forms and two pair of eyes today. SHIPPING WAS 78.40! -- Called the supply company and told them they had made a mistake. I was politely informed there was no mistake. %#&%$#$& UNBELIEVABLE!

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Sounds high

This response submitted by Kenneth on 1/29/01. ( bauman@caddoelectric.net )

Just got 15 whitetail forms, a few fish forms, a mule deer and an elk form from McKenzie and my shipping was $74.


This response submitted by Lance H on 1/29/01. ( )

Got an elk form/ eyes in from McKenzie's three weeks ago from their NE warehouse and S/H was only about 12 bucks. Sorry.


This response submitted by Dan on 1/29/01. ( Hasslehut@aol.com )

Federal Express and U.P.S. are merging, There going to rename the company FEDUP ! But seriously, you took it in the pants, Thats way high.

FEDUP = Good one Dan!

This response submitted by Woody = That's a sin! on 1/29/01. ( Lorro1969@aol.com )

OUCH! :-(

Your not alone

This response submitted by MarkV. on 1/29/01. ( fishspec30@centurytel.net )

I recieved a 1/2 lifesize bear from research today shipping was almost 50.00. It gets higher every time I order it seems. It is a very large bear but holy crap. Oh well thought I would complain also. Take care, Mark

See this is another reason to raise your prices

This response submitted by John C on 1/29/01. ( )

This is not directed at anyone person.

This is just a reminder for those who cant seem to raise their prices to do it now! The pay backs will be rewarding. JohnC

UPS increase

This response submitted by Barry on 1/30/01. ( moyerstaxidermy@mail.com )

UPS now charges a 70lb. rate on large oversize boxes no matter what the weight. It stinks, but what can you do except pass the cost along to your customers.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/30/01. ( )

Things like this always make me wonder why guys order supplies across the country, or send tanning all that way, when there are equally good suppliers much closer. Hope thats all the reason was, and not that you live far from the good ones. My prices reflect these changes, too.

Equally Good?

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 1/30/01. ( bigjims@adelphia.net )

I too have run into this problem, especially when dealing with companies in the western states. The problem is, there are equally good companies closer, but they don't always have what you need. I use Buckeye or Mackenzie when I can but if you need a bison form what do you do? Mackenzie has a couple but they are dinks! You are also very limited by size and pose considerations. I have yet to find a tannery that does as good a job as Golden State in two weeks! I know of of some in the east that do a great job, but turn around is terrible! Hey, maybe somebody will give UPS a run for their money in the future but for now they just swallowed our best chance. They might just be too big to compete with. On top of that the smaller companies seem to take their price at or barely below the competition. Why are are the bargain basement companies in taxidermy? LOL

Once again

This response submitted by Randy Causin on 1/30/01. ( bayoucypress@home.com )

We just got a new rate book in yesterday.U.P.S.prices have increased again.

All of them went up

This response submitted by Terry on 1/30/01. ( birdmanterry@aol.com )

The Post office and Fed Ex, and UPS recently had rate increases. I guess you can call it the price of business.

Mabe threre's you real nitche.........

This response submitted by Lars on 1/30/01. ( judithmt@lewistown.net )

You can be the "delivery company" and throw a couple of elk forms, and a deer form or two, in the back seat of your car and drive them to a buyer 4 states away, in 3 different directions, for $20.00! Think of all the money you will make at $.24 an hour! Wow! Now yer livin'!

Sounds Like

This response submitted by George on 1/30/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

Strikingly familiar to the shipping practices of one particular disreputable supplier. The actual cost of shipping is quintupled. IF you're buy from this crook, expect that.

Surprisingly, the post office is cheaper when ordering across the US as they have a single rate system, but that price sounds crooked.


This response submitted by Richard Gensch on 1/30/01. ( buckhorntaxric@aol.com )

Try RPS they are an alternitive shipping co.I learned the hard way last year when the shipping of 2 alaskan moose forms in 3 boxes cost almost as much as one form.The reason was each box was shipped from Texas at the 70lb rate.The next order I asked them to send it via RPS and the cost difference was 60% less ( only $32.00 for both).RPS told me that their oversize charges are still at the 30lb rate which was the same as UPS at that time.Just ask the supply co. when you order next and maybe over time ups may have to become competitive.Hope this helps,take care.Rich

Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 1/31/01. ( mastertaxidermist@jam.rr.com )

RPS is now Fed Ex Ground.

Try this.........

This response submitted by no point on 1/31/01. ( )

...if you think its tough in the USA, on one occassion , two lifesize warthog forms cost me a grand total of $550 USD in freight, let alone the import duty customs creamed on top.

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