Disparaging Taxidermist

Submitted by Brent on 1/31/01. ( timbertiger@qwksilvr.com )

Hello everyone,

I would like to get comments from you about something told to us yesterday. One of our clients , whose deer we are mounting, came buy to look at it. It is nearly finnished. While looking at it he commented that he sure was glad it was turning out alright and then he preceded to tell us about another taxidermist he had visited at a sports show not far from here. He told the other fellow that he was having a deer done and told him our name in response he got "YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TAKEN IT TO THEM. THEY DO CRAPPY WORK"

Now I also went to this show. I saw his work and I was not impressed by what I saw in fact some of it was on the poor side of things but I will not and did not tell our client this. What I do not understand is why make disparaging comments about someones work? This fellow is 100 miles away from us and to be honest we had never heard of him before until I saw him at the sports show.

My wife and I try to deliver a high quality finnished mount to our clients. We attend any seminars that we can to better the quaility of our work and we enter competions not for the ribbons , which are nice, but for the opinons of people we fell are qualified to critique the work.

Sorry if this rambled on but this type of attitude really bugs me. If you have comments I would like to here them.


Brent & Jonelle Thyssen
Timber Tiger Taxidermy

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guess i got lucky.....or not!

This response submitted by kevin on 1/31/01. ( knmiller@ pacifier.com )

to make a long story short i contacted one of the highest regarded taxidermist in my area prior to going to school. I was given tons of advice and encouragement and even some great deals on capes for school. this was now my buddy and mentor. This guy was gonnas retire and send some work my way..."go for it " and i will help you out all i can , i am gonna retire soon anyway and theres room at the top! returned from school and this guy will not even return my phone calls . Have done caping and salting for regular customers of his cause i figured he has done me some favors also. I got into the competition/seminar thing when others in my area have not nowe i am cutting into their businesss not only cuz of the quality of my work but both my wife and i are born and raised right here locally. any way enuff jabber but where do i draw the line between fellow taxidermist and local competition? any thoughts?

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