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how do you get your own business started? any good suggestions out there. i know marketing is key& word of mouth but what else?

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It takes time and talent

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You can open any business manual and see how to run a business but the one thing I have found to work best that is not in any book is to just be a pleasent and likeable person.
Taxidermy is like jewery, Nobody needs it but everybody wants it! Showing your client a plesent experience from start to finish is #1 in my studio.
Direct advertising is like a shot in the arm for jump starting a new business. Advertise to sportsmen , not the general public. DU. NWTF. SCI. banquets are excelent places to have a display in front of an entire room full of sportsmen. Talk to them directly, shake hands, be pleasent and last but not least, always produce top quality work. Without that you are only fooling yoourself and your client. Too many times taxidermist get into business to fast before they are truly good. This seems to always lead to failure and another rain droplet is added to that grey cloud that is associated with the word taxidermist.
When you feel you are ready, then give it 110% and be proud you are a taxidermist.

re: to Dave

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never ever has it put so well

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