bear rug pricing

Submitted by ken on 5/21/01. ( )

I have a customer who wants 2 black bear tanned and possibly made into rugs. I will be doing pre-tanner skin prep (fleshing, salting, turning ears,etc.} and sending to professional tannery and wholesale rug maker. I figure the cost of tanning and rug making to be approximately $60.00/ft. What do you charge for providing such a service? I have never dealt with bear, just deer. Thanks, Ken

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Rug pricing

This response submitted by Jeff Sweet Taxidermy/Empire State Rugs on 5/21/01. ( imsweet@ulsternet. )

Ken in my studio I charge $120 per foot measured from nose to back foot which works out good on med-large bears should be more on the smaller ones. If you want top notch service on the rug work we can help you out with that. You can see our ad in Breakthrough or give us a call with any questions.
Jeff Sweet
Empire State Rugs 845-246-3566

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