Breakthrough ?

Submitted by Christoforo on 5/22/01. ( )

You guessed it correctly, i STILL don't have my Breakthrough, yes the issue Bill Yox has had for 8 weeks now. I did get my Outlook yesterday and some bills ,no problem with them.
Terry ,did you get yours yet? I do hope Larry keeps his promise to you ,Leanne and myself for being the last ones to get our issues , if we do ever get them.

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This response submitted by Cindy on 5/22/01. ( )


Outlook Magazines are mailed bulk rate. In 1997 bulk rate mail was supposed to be revamped for faster delivery...

Once delivery is made with Outlook Magazines the first item we perform is to place address labels on several thousand magazines. Then, these are grouped by specific zip code prefix groups, rubber banded together and placed in specific sacks and labeled again with specific zip code prefixes, sealed and taken to the post office in our area...this is the first stop. Bulk mail has 48 hours with which to be processed.

Outlook Magazines are delivered (I do it personally...I load them and drive them to the post office and then unload them) between 10:00 am and 11:00 am on a Monday morning. With this last issue (May-June) these were mailed on May 9th.

Generally bulk mail will make 5 stops. First the local post office where it was mailed...Second, is New Orleans (in our example), third is Memphis, Tennessee. Hopefully, the next destination will be a main post office in your region. Final destination will be your local post office for delivery to your home or business.

Now, I don't know if some of these post offices are taking advantage of the 48 hour stay at each location stop or not (pertaining to bulk mail.) BT is mailed 2nd Clas(a.k.a. Publishers and Periodicals) and once Kathy and Larry mail these...which I believe all BT's are mailed at the same time...the post office has a mind of its own. 2nd class is much faster on delivery time than bulk...but remember, once these items leave your hands you do not have any control over what takes place with their delivery time.

Hope this information helps...I don't think that the words speedy delivery are in the USPS vocabulary.


This response submitted by Terry V on 5/22/01. ( )

I still feel like, well never mind that. I don't care why it's not here just that it's not here.
Really, this is mostly in fun but I do want my magazine so all the free stuff will ease the pain and suffering. Thanks for the info. Cindy. Next time,PLEASE keep all the gorey detailes of the post office off this family forum. Man, I got to lay down, I'm feeling wozzy.

yes, I'm joking
I can't get the picture of John C holding a Moth ball in each hand out of my mind. lol


This response submitted by Leanna on 5/23/01. ( )

I too received the letter from Larry. I couldn't believe the fortune of receiving a late issue. Let's see if if comes through! Terry, sounds like you got one too?

late issue, no issue

This response submitted by Terry V on 5/23/01. ( )

I just might take the trip to Disney or maybe the life time subscription. It's a hard choice. I might trade for a magazine. One in better shape than Yox's copy

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