LMAO - you'll love this one

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Time for a little fun - I've cleaned it up so I hopefully don't offend anyone.

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Try this again

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Two guys on their first hunting trip walk into the local taxidermists shop where the first thing thy see is an old man leaning asleep in a rocker next to the wood stove. After waking him from his nap and talking awhuile, they soon discover that he's been a hunter all his life, and has hunted in all sorts of exotic and far away places. Eager to know more about him, they ask him to tell about his most esciting hunting adventure.
"It was 1944 on safari in deep, dark AFrica," he began. "I'd sat down beneath a termite mound to catch my breath when the biggest lion you ever saw leapt from out of the grass, landing squarely at my feet. ROOOAARRRR! I just s#@*t my pants!"
"Wow," exclaimed one of the young men, "I bet I'd crap my pants too if I lion jumped at me like that."
"Oh, no, no, no, not then", the old man replied. "Just now when I said 'roar'."


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Thanks, I needed that! Got a real good laugh out of it. ...Rick

me too

This response submitted by me too on 5/23/01. ( me too )

me too


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tee hee hee! : )

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