I got an idea

Submitted by Michael S on 5/22/01. ( )

i have been reading some of the posts and a lot of people here seem to really get on the smart aleck remarks made by those who dont have the guts to leave a name.
here is a solution, write down the tcp/ip number and keep watch when you are on the forum, then if this unknown gutless wonder ever uses his/her real name...BINGO..GOT YA
or we could just ignore old spineless and maybe it'll shrink and disappear
just an idea....have a nice day

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This response submitted by John on 5/22/01. ( )

I agree fully this is supposed to be an informational sit not a sit to yell at someone because you are having a bad day.Personnaly I think those people who do this are emotionally distressed.Must have been picked om in school.

the problem with that

This response submitted by Mick on 5/22/01. ( MicD63@aol.com )

iSP numbers are not like a finger print. With big internet providers,like AOL, Prodigy,etc. an IP # is worthless for tracking anybody, as they assign each user a new and different number every time the user logs in.
A novel idea might be to ignore those senseless, irritating posts, and turn the other cheek. Life is too precious to waste even a single bit of it on a-holes anyways.

Nukle em!

This response submitted by Cur on 5/23/01. ( WILDART@prodigy.net )

NUKE EM! Especially the period guy......lol


This response submitted by Bill on 5/23/01. ( )

I just wanted to see if this works? I will be right back.

Test complete

This response submitted by Bill on 5/23/01. ( )

I checked some of my old posts and the numbers are different. The farther I go back the more difference there is. Even these two numbers are different on this post. The first six digets are the same is this the part you are talking about? This is interesting. Thanks!

Back to square one...eh?

This response submitted by 63.64 on 5/23/01. ( )

SHEESH! I've checked out this topic with several knowledgeable contributors, including Ken. All of them say that we can not ID a person by using ANY of TCP/IP numbers. I think I have to agree. I thought I had a fellow identified by the first two sets of numbers, but later saw the same two sets associated with TWO other people. I really don't think this works. Too bad though. There are a few "contributors" we would probably all like to know the name of.

Cyber Gremlins

This response submitted by Lisa on 5/23/01. ( )

The ones that poke around too try to pick a fight.My first four numbers have been the same so far.Oh, 63.64...good point!

my mistake

This response submitted by michael s on 5/23/01. ( )

i thought that once we were assigned a number it was always the same every time we signed on. at least i learned something new today. any who like i said it was just an idea. plan B... ignore the old "roids" and maybe they will shrink up and go away, one can hope, can't they. LOL


This response submitted by Patrick Rummans on 5/23/01. ( birdspec@lewistown.net )

I've just taken them off my Christmas card list! Wait til this Christmas when they DON'T get a card from me...that'll sure get em! Boy I can just see em, waitin' by the mailbox, and waitin', and waitin',......Gosh! How funny is that!? I'm peeing myself here!
Oh! Oh! I know, I know! Whenever I see em leave a post, I'm gonnga STICK MY TONGUE OUT AT EM! YEAH! That'll show em too! Phew! They sure won't know what hit em!

Lol'ing all the way home,


Period guy........?

This response submitted by Lisa on 5/23/01. ( )

Now, I am really getting worried! No sign of him,yet....lol

Was that a clue?

This response submitted by 63.64 on 5/23/01. ( )

Yo Lisa!
I think the anal orifice known only as (.) might be a SHE. Guys don't have periods...eh? (LOL)

Good try...

This response submitted by Lisa on 5/23/01. ( )

But, not thee!Referring to another response,Sorry!

Good idea but will never work

This response submitted by --- on 5/25/01. ( )

A couple reasons why you can't positively track the user by IP address:

If you are using a dialup service for your Internet access your IP address will change almost every time you log on. Most times you can find out the ISP they use but that is about it.

It is very easy to spoof your IP address. Meaning you can bounce your traffic through another computer making it seem like you are coming from that computer, yet you are just using the other machine as a relay.

Keeping in mind the difficulty of tracking the individual down, it is probably best that you just don't respond to flames. Some people live to come in forums to stir things up, (commonly called trolls). Generally speaking, don't feed a troll and he will go away.


Ah, there are ways to PING a computer.

This response submitted by John C on 5/27/01. ( )

A while back I had someone send me a virus, they thought they could hide. Well if you have the bucks there is a program that can trace to the originating computer. This program calls it pinging. This then supplies you with the numberrs of all servers and a complete routing print out. SOmetimes it does stop at a firewall, but for another $175.00 it can ping thru the fire walls. For more info on this program go to WWW.ZDTV.com


This response submitted by unknown on 5/27/01. ( tell me )

we know each other.only say this so you'll know i'll pay.
i'll give you the $175.00 if you tell me who this is.

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