British Columbia

Submitted by Dick Tracy on 5/23/01. ( )

Does any one know what is going on in BC with all the wholesale confiskation of a lot of wildlife , mounted and unmounted parts etc, at the border and from dealers and homes? I just heard of it today ?

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This response submitted by michael s on 5/23/01. ( )

did you hear of this and who is doing the confiscating ?


This response submitted by DT on 5/23/01. ( )

I heard it from a taxidermist in MT that deals a lot with specimen dealers in BC, cape ,l/s skins for replacement or remounts. I have to assume it's the authoritys doing the confiskations. I'll try to get more info.

Would like to Know

This response submitted by Elmer on 5/24/01. ( )

I have some customers there now on a bear hunt. Would like to know they are due back Friday guess I,ll find out.

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