Rosie O'Donnels contract NOT RENEWED!

Submitted by John C on 5/24/01. ( )

It was announced this am on NAtional Public Radio, that Rosies contract would not be renewed because of LOW ratings. Ha One for our side.

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What a shame.....

This response submitted by Bill Gaither on 5/25/01. ( )

I am sure going to miss the charm and wit of that sweet lady with the children and no daddy or is mommy the daddy? I forget which. Who else is going to get paid mega bucks to sing off-key with another of my favorite women, Madonna? How can she dissappear from view when I haven't located that beluga form? I really was looking forward to trying to land her on six pound test line on my mooching rod baited with a slab of deluxe pizza. What a fight that would have been, neither one of us having the sense to turn loose.......Oh well, another bitter dissappointment added to a long list......(sigh)

you go girl

This response submitted by michael s on 5/25/01. ( )

and keep on going. we dont need your narrow mindedness being shoved down our throats go girl..going going GONE


This response submitted by Charles on 5/25/01. ( )

Now all we need to do is get her off the TV now. My wife is real happy. DIN DONG THE WITCH IS GONE.

Let's send her to China

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 5/25/01. ( )

Maybe we could send her to China with a few dozen Bear Galls. Maybe she could find a mate and stay out of " The Land of The Free" What a country. She's free to bad mouth us and we're free to not watch her stupid TV show. Her show wasn't worth watching, Even if she wasn't a tree huggar.

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