Good idea but will never work

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A couple reasons why you can't positively track the user by IP address:

If you are using a dialup service for your Internet access your IP address will change almost every time you log on. Most times you can find out the ISP they use but that is about it.

It is very easy to spoof your IP address. Meaning you can bounce your traffic through another computer making it seem like you are coming from that computer, yet you are just using the other machine as a relay.

Keeping in mind the difficulty of tracking the individual down, it is probably best that you just don't respond to flames. Some people live to come in forums to stir things up, (commonly called trolls). Generally speaking, don't feed a troll and he will go away.

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OK! - - -

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So go away now! lol

YEAH! - - -

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Shuddup and go away! lol

Sorry Georgie

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I didn't say it was impossible.


Don't track, just don't post them

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Tracking can be done but it can be difficult at best. Another approach is to
simply contact and request that they change their forum programs
software (not a major change, about 10 min. of programming) such
that all input fields be required. Email addresses from the input
fields can be verified without a lot of additional programming.

This is one approach, however, I agree with many others on this
forum. Just don't response! If you're not man enough to put your
name on a post then you're really are not worth listening too.

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