Ruined my Nap

Submitted by BobB on 5/26/01. ( )

As not a fan of racing, on weekends I always put on the race and me an my wife retreat to our separate couches and within a few laps we doze off (works everytime, better than counting sheep).

Well I put in a full day, and missed the race, so no nap. I told the wife I was going for a quick nap, before running to town to pick up my kid. Anyhow, I just dozed off and the phone rings. My wife comes in and tells me, "someone on the phone for taxidermy".

Nice enough lady, but she was calling to ask how to clean her deer mounts. Not a previous customer of mine. As I tried helping her, I asked how old the mounts were. Two years old she replied. So I asked why didn't she call taxidermist who mounted them, to follow his suggested cleaning methods.

She replies "oh, he's just a rinky-dink guy, who works out of his basement, he's just a real small business, he wouldn't know how.

My thought's, there went my nap, cause this guy is good enough to mount her deer, but not qualified to tell her how to clean them. I asked her where she got my number, and she asked why. I replied I always like to know what ads work (all the while, cussing the phone book she mentioned - LOL).

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