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Submitted by John on 5/27/01. ( jfinger@acegroup.cc )

I am a full time taxidermist and also a wholesaler for other
taxidermist. I am open to take on fish and deer head shoulder mounts
for anyone who has an overload of work.
Drift wood and bases are extra as are deer shoulder mount plaques.
I will also be offering a new product for fish display bases soon.

If you are swamped with work I can help! You can e-mail me
for prices or call me at 1-563-567-8575 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Sunday.

Watch for my new web page coming soon!

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This response submitted by roy on 5/27/01. ( )

i have a fish i need mounted ,brown trout. all the taxidermist
around here must be hax.the fish only have one eye , no mouth
detail , closed gill plates and inside fins cut off.he thinks becouse
it's the wall side nothing needs to be done to that side.what a
anyway why dont you have any work,how long is turnaround,how much
an inch,where did you school at and what year or years as a taxidermist.
don't email me i dont want wife to see this. thanks


This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 5/27/01. ( rwenglish1@aol.com )

ha ha he he ha ha he he, I needed a little humor and your email supplied it, but then again, I do wonder about my sense of humor sometimes.rw

ps. do not let your wife read this, I do not want her made at me.

Randal R. Waites

This response submitted by roy on 5/27/01. ( )

you do fish with 2 eyes?

Two eyes always for me

This response submitted by Mick on 5/28/01. ( MicD63@aol.com )

Personally, I always put two eyes in my fish these days. Twenty years ago, when customers were much less picky, and I was part-time and quite a bit cheaper, I'd do the one eye trick, and even then I more than once had customers notice, and ask about it.So for me, it's been two eyes in every fish for a long time. Sure I know that some figure it's the wall side and few will even see, I figure for the cost of 1 eye $1.75-2.00, and quite literally just a couple of minutes work, it's worth it in piece of mind knowing that anyone who does look won't see a filled in eye socket, and perceive me as either cheap or one who does work half-assed. I know that some don't agree, and will argue that if you multiply the single eye cost times 100,200 or more fish a season, it adds up to a sizable chunk of change, which I won't argue, but it still comes back to me that it's still only an extra couple of dollars in production cost on an individual job, and good insurance.

two eyes are Better then one

This response submitted by C&J's Taxidermy on 5/28/01. ( jfinger@acegroup.cc )

since I have Been doing Taxidermy
I fine that haveing two eyes in the mount makes the fish look
more real you also have to think about when you do a fish with only
one eye and others see it they start talking about it and ask where was it done
that to can look bad for a Taxidermist so I find that By doing a good Job in
the start will keep Bringing others to you even if the fish is on
the wall People do look I am known for doing a good Job and thats why
I have alot of work and I'me always looking for more that is why I
Posted my add
I am also a graduate of Rinehart Taxidermy Supply & SCHOOL
and I'me good at what I do and my prices are right

C&J's Taxidermy


This response submitted by roy on 5/28/01. ( )

you didnt give a price but i'll call you

Roy about your Brown trout

This response submitted by John on 5/28/01. ( jfinger@acegroup.cc )

Hi I charge $6.00 an Inch for all Fish drift wood is
extra Plus shiping
my turn around time is 4 weeks

John ( C&J's taxidermy )

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