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Submitted by joeblow on 5/29/01. ( )

iv'e seen the art rocks sold by amv, they are the same rocks sold to the hydroponic gardening industry. so why is the cost to the taxidermy industry 10 times more. they sell for $4.00 a 10 lb box to hydroponics, want to tell us why , amv, care to respond. will check back to see. can also provide e-mail address to the hydroponics supplier in oregon if anyone wants to check this out for themselfs

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This response submitted by Ken Wampner on 5/30/01. ( )

If you were to really look close...I think you would find a lot of
this sort of thing going on in the industry. I remember when
Mannikin Prep first came out. I wanted something to help me stick hide
s to the form so bad I was willing to try anything. When I finally
recieved it I started spraying...and I this really looks
familiar. It wasn't anything but plain ole "611" adhesive. Now I have
no idea how the """New Improved"""is...but that just goes to show how
devious people can be. I remember I could buy the 611 for half what
the Manninkin Prep costs.

people can be.


This response submitted by Bob Schweighauser on 5/31/01. ( )

Dear Joeblow, Ken & all,

I am not sure where you are getting your information from, because it is not all accurate. Yes, we also manufacture Silica Stones to the hydroponics industry. Basically, the only size we provide to hydroponics distributors are the size of the Kane River Rocks and we sell them for more than $4 for a 10lb box to the distributor (not the end user). They, in turn, sell it to the suppliers who sell it to end users. If you were to go to American Ag (the hydroponics distributor you speak of) at, you will pay $15.95 for 10 pound cannot buy the one size at the distributor price you metion unless you want to purchase it by the 1/2 ton (minimum) directly from us. You will see that they say you get 14lbs, but that's American Ag's shipping weight, you will only receive just over 10 pounds of the one basic size and it is finished a little differently than the Art. Rocks we produce for taxidermists. You can only obtain the other sizes we make (Black River Sand, Snake River Gravel Chips, Small Green River Rocks, Large Green River Rocks and bases) through taxidermy suppliers such as Van Dyke, Quality Taxidermy Supply and others. We never have hidden the fact that uses for Art. Rocks are varied and using them to simulate rock habitats are just one of the uses. We freely admitted at the 2001 World Championships that a use for the product is for hydroponics growing and were first made for the stone wash denim industry.

We are NOT trying to deceive anyone. We are custom formulating, producing and packaging a patented product for taxidermists and that changes the production costs...and you get exactly the kind of product that you, the taxidermists, can use to increase the value of your mounts.

If you are only interested in (a minimum) of 10 lbs. of only one size of Art. Rocks that are produced somewhat differently, then I would encourage you to go to American Ag and purchase what is called Silica Stones. However, if you would like to choose from a variety of sizes made just for taxidermists, then I suggest you contact Van Dyke or Quality Taxidermy. Either way, you will still be able to use just a dollar or two of Art. Rocks and will be able to charge an extra $30, $40 or more for habitat simulation that you can customize to the particular mount.

If anyone wishes to contact me about Art. Rocks with ANY questions or concerns, feel free to post here (I check the forum regularly) or contact me directly.

With respect for all taxidermists,


Bob Schweighauser, Business Manager
Art. Rocks
c/o Springfield Internet Stores, Inc.
225 Goldenrod Drive - Suite D
Chatham, Illinois 62629-1682 USA
+1-217-483-4547 (voice/fax)
877-483-4547 (US toll free voice)
877-483-4540 (US toll free fax)

Bob, dont worry...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 6/1/01. ( )

Some of these "rip-off sleuths" are the same guys who bitch because supply companys sell bags of salt, too! For what its worth, 611 IS different than Mannikin Prep, because Mannikin Prep foams up, 611 just lays out.

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