The Eyes Have it.

Submitted by The Taxidermologist on 5/18/01. ( )

About two months ago I mentioned in a posting on Eye Sizes and colors (Beginners category, March 15, 2001 in the Archives) a book by Morgan Worthy titled Animal Eye Colors. The book may be of value to the Taxidermy Industry, though it was not created for that purpose. Today I have received notice from the Author that this formerly out of print book has been reissued, and in fact can be accessed on the web. Unfortuately in this format it becomes difficult to use. Have a look for yourself - I have posted the address below, just copy and paste.

Stephen Rogers,

My little book, Animal Eye Colors, has been reissued in paperback by Iuniverse and is available from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

It can also be read free on-line at the publisher's website. The book is shown at Just click on "Browse".

I hope the information is of some value to your taxidermy group.

Morgan Worthy

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Whar's th picktures?

This response submitted by Bill Gaither on 5/19/01. ( )

I spent some time looking the book over in the on-line browser. What some people will do to get grant I think it would be a valuable bench reference if one can interpret the author's classification of color hues. I read quite a few pages, and figure he should have spent more time in the field and less making withdrawals at the data banks. His premise is anthropomorphic, and general, at best. I can almost hear the various 'gists sharpening their chainsaws now. Maybe an ornithologist can write the next child psychology text..........good post Stephen, I ordered one, never know when it might come in handy...thanks.

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