Studio help, please comment.

Submitted by Demon-1 on 5/30/01. ( )

I need to run a idea past you. I have consolidated with another shop, this shop has a great location. At present we are the highest in the state on fish, still to low but getting there. $10.00 per inch.

We are talking about doing 20 repo deer racks in different pedestal mounts, just a knock out display. Noone in the state has done this. The others have standard wall mounts, all of them have older mounts hanging around.

We have been in the planning stage and will soon start on a few.

Skoal/Copehagen has even expressed interest in renting this for area sport shows. It would off course have our name on each mount. I am thinking when they rent these we should be on hand to talk to the people about TAXIDERMY Yes or No?

We are also talking about buying a trailer to haul these in to the sports shows, less handling etc.

Again this should shove our prices through the roof on gameheads.
Along with all this I will be attending a turkey seminar, this should push my turkey mounts over the top. Nomore $390.00 turkeys, I am thinking $1000.00 or better.

My feelings on this is that we should become the premium shop in the state. It will be a hard push, but our dear state lacks people Taxidermist with guts enough to charge what the work is really worth.

I draw Veteran Admin, disablity Compensation. So my wages are not a problem, I can still live. I am thinking I can get enough HIGH DOLLAR work, that the high quality will atract the big dollar guys.

It this far fetched? We are getting several fish so they are excepting the fact good fish work cost money. We have went way up to $245.00 on waterfowl and are getting a few out of the freezers. I know only time will tell. But I need some outside viewpoints.

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This response submitted by Angel-1 on 5/30/01. ( )

My Guru said:" 75% of customers wanted the best quality mount they can get at a reasonable price, range on price was $325 to $495." I give you one guess what the mount in question is Demon-1. I feel so fortunate to know my guru that I have copied his wisdom here for all to see. You see he shared it freely! And I got it face to me on my billboard, these very words, I glance from my work station to remind me what vision is and how fortunate I am for this forum. Thanks, gordon,...ah.. no, 000ps, Angle-1.

My Opinion

This response submitted by Brent on 5/30/01. ( )

Mr. Demon,

To be honest with you I think your numbers have alot of blue sky in them. Without knowing what region or state you are from makes it a little more difficult to form an opinion. It is evident in your post that you are going to increase your overhead and unless you raise prices accordingly this alone will decrease you take home $. The question is will this increase be off set by an increase in sales. I will make some suggestions and I sure others will add more.

- Have you done your hard homework? (business plan, sales estimates, client profile in your area, market plan)

- Have you contacted others who do shows and seminars? (talk to them about wheather or not they have seen an increase in dollars and or volume)

One thigng to never forget. Your taxidermy studio is a business and as a business it's purpose is to turn a profit after all the bills are paid, including wages. If you can not do this then you have to ask, Is it really worth the pain?

I hope your endeavor pays off. Keep us posted on how you are doing.

Good luck.

From the Land of Oz !

This response submitted by Whatever on 5/30/01. ( )

Sounds to me like your sleeping and dreaming to much. Sure it all sounds great and I wish you very best of luck... But come on... one turkey seminar is going to push you over the top ? If you can find a client that will pay you a grand for a turkey mount I've got some ocean front property to sell them in Iowa..

Demon 1=John C

This response submitted by Yung on 5/30/01. ( )

It's been done already. Go to Whitail World and see what you are going to be copying. The trailer idea is already done, too. Same place. You can count ou the Copenhagen sponsorship, too. Already wrapped up.

Your prices for turkey are completely out of bounds. The best turkey taxidermist in your state charges $750.00 and that's after she's collected a pile of ribbons and worked her heart out to get it. I've seen your turkey and to be honest I'm not very impressed. It's a dream to think that one single workshop would bring you up to her standards is not only ludicrous, but downright laughable. It's more and more of the same, big dreams with no promises.

Good luck in your attempts to copy what has already been done.


This response submitted by michael S on 5/31/01. ( )

whats been done, go ahead there is nothing wrong with it. i thought mr. mike boyce in reno was supposed to be an inspiration to us all.
he puts out extremely high quality work at a very good price. and has the clientele to prove it.
if demon-1( or whatever his name is, i hope its not demon taxidermy)wants to charge 1,000.00 for turkeys go ahead, but it better be a high class competition type mount of the masters category, or you can forget it.
always strive to improve your work and the quality of it....

Sounds Like John C

This response submitted by Livin in the real world on 5/31/01. ( )


You are out there man.

Hey John,

This response submitted by Patrick Rummans on 5/31/01. ( )

You don't need anyone's approval except your own to make these decisions. If this is what you really want to do, then do it. You aren't selling mounts to taxidermists, you're selling them to clients. If you have a clientele that will pay you what you're asking then what difference does it make if another taxidermist thinks your work isn't good enough? If you can afford to do this, and YOU think you have a good chance at success then by all means my friend, go for it.


Patrick Rummans

Hey John,

This response submitted by Patrick Rummans on 5/31/01. ( )

You don't need anyone's approval except your own to make these decisions. If this is what you really want to do, then do it. You aren't selling mounts to taxidermists, you're selling them to clients. If you have a clientele that will pay you what you're asking then what difference does it make if another taxidermist thinks your work isn't good enough? If you can afford to do this, and YOU think you have a good chance at success then by all means my friend, go for it.


Patrick Rummans


This response submitted by Michele on 5/31/01. ( )

I don't have any advise on the original post and I'm sorry, I just want to say...What does it matter who it is? I say dream on... What's life without dreams, a lot of the people that actually had the gall to dream are the one's out there making it, successful in their own ways and I for one think it's wonderful.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 6/1/01. ( )

Yep, Whitetail World DOES have the museum with replica heads, and theres plenty of trailers out there. Of course, Whitetail World isnt a taxidermy shop, but that didnt matter to jung's point of criticism, did it? John, go for it. If that seems possible to you, and you want to, go right ahead. Jung must have the same bone in his butt that others that mock you have had. Who CARES what he thinks of your turkeys or what that other taxidermist hes trying to promote does? Guys on the east coast get whatever price they ask for birds, and most arent half as good as the best turkey guys, like Harry Whitehead or Cally Morris. Side step the cheap insults from jung and have at 'em!

hey john c , email me

This response submitted by trappersteph on 6/1/01. ( )

I have a crazy idea too( for myself), just as far fetched, but possibly feasable. Contact me if you want.

Sure its me.

This response submitted by John C on 6/1/01. ( )

For a copy of the repo antler price list from Whitetail World 501- 754-8620. Af for my turkey's Onionhead (yung/young) has not seen any in over two years. I think I know whom Young is, no he has placed himself in a bad positon and LIED again to the world.

Having watched and watched many tapes on salesmanship, I have come to see in any profession the cream rises to the top. This includes my partime business HORSE TRAINING. Since I do have a pretty full calender thru Sept.2002 I was more or less asking for some advice. this same advice is applicable throughout many business. Many fractions of my health do not allow a fulltime daylight to dark work load. I can spend a few hours in the morning working with my horses and the afternoon working on a mount. No I donot plan on burning up the world with either horse tainers are a dime a dozen, and worse than many taxidermist about cut-throat pricing, $200.00 for a month of training verse my price of $750.00 Since I only train a max. of two per month I still make the same, but again QUALITY, doing the best I can do, with both horses and taxidermy.

Last Tuesday I visited with a taxidermist that had over 400 heads to go before this coming deer season, thier price is way to low, I know that they know that, but they are convinced that people cannot afford to pay any more for thier service. We watched veichles pass on the road for two hours, nine of every ten were newer than the cars and trucks we drive. The local chamber of commerce says the wage base is $8.75 per hour averge. New home construction is up 37% over two years ago. Not to mention the huge numbers of new commercal buildings.

I dont want and would not attempt to mount 400 heads in a year, what makes this story even funnier is just one mile down the same road is another full time taxidermist, and 8 eight miles from those two shops is a third shop. Now I figure since they have the low dollar market tied up, a high quality studio can get a few (I never claimed to want bunches of mounts) mounts that you can say yes I did my best work for those. For a few select people. thats all a few.

Yes Mr. Phillips has a fine (Whitetail World) place, and he only employees family. I can also promise you the taxidermy net freinds, that I would have driven to WTW today and confronted this YOUNG?YUNG? had he/she been a employee.

GODSPEED to all that try to help others, many of the rest can rot in Hades.

John C

John You ask why no names?

This response submitted by Dan on 6/2/01. ( )

John C, You make a big deal because some people don't use there real names and say what cowards they are. You just proved the reason why some don't. Nuts like you will hunt them down for a confrontation! Good hunting John!

John You ask why no names?

This response submitted by Dan on 6/2/01. ( )

John C, You make a big deal because some people don't use there real names and say what cowards they are. You just proved the reason why some don't. Nuts like you will hunt them down for a confrontation! Good hunting John!


This response submitted by Wava Jacobchick on 6/2/01. ( )

I believe John possibly wanted an unbiased opinion about his idea, which he probably wouldn't recieve if his identity was known since he contributes to this forum a great deal. From the responses he got I'd say he got a variety of opinions. Another point to make was that John's original post wasn't a bash against someone else, which is usually when those people who feel the need to respond "forget" to leave their name and an email address. I don't believe it is a question of courage in this instance, but a "blind sampling" of the opinions of his colleagues that he was seeking. I doubt courage is a problem with John; like so many veterans in this profession that offer advice, he has the courage to offer his opinion of many of the circumstances and problems that are presented here.

You took the words right out of my......fingertips?.....Wava

This response submitted by Lisa on 6/2/01. ( )

The beauty of this forum is the diversity of opinions. I guess it all depends on how the person perceives it.I for one, welcome it! John C has been very helpful in a variety of ways, along with so many others.
Thanks Ken, for allowing this opportunity! I will try not to abuse it.

Another ditto to that

This response submitted by Leanna on 6/2/01. ( )

Dan, JC always leaves his name, (and if he doesn't you can figure him out by his spelling! Sorry JC, it's been notice he did this time too, AFTER getting his unbiased responses, and frankly what are you talking about?

JC, go with it, who cares if it's been done before, who cares what others think. It's in your heart, so make it happen. It HASN'T been done before by YOU.

Nuts and hunting them down.

This response submitted by John C on 6/2/01. ( )

First, I will confront someone when they flat out LIE as JUNG/YUNG/YOUNG did. I try to help and tried to get a unbiased opinion. Had noone ever dreamed we would have never reached the moon, never would we drive a car and so on. Had I never dreamed last night, I would not have been awaken scared by Leanna (got ya).

Let me ask you, what is the limit of your income, just think about it. Your income is only limited by yourself. Your failure to dream! Yes my price for deerheads id $395.00, yes I get a few, do I need them all or could I do them all? NO!

I continiue to dream and this dreaming leads to doing better and better mounts, I am not Yox or Eppley, but I try to improve and prove to myself I can do better work than I did last week, last month, last year, last decade. Humans by nature are dreamers. Those of you have have the courage to be brave enough to be truthfull, may your dreams come true! Mine may or may not, but at lest I have one, do you?

Wava, Lisa, Leanna

This response submitted by Dan on 6/3/01. ( )

My previous post was due to the fact that John C had made comment on another post about me not leaving my E-mail address! He talked about how I was only viocing my opinion due to the fact that he did not know who I was! He has done this to others when they question his opinion. He just proved with his comment on confronting the person, that there are nuts out there that will hurt you if you disagree with them, or prove them wrong! There is no reason to confront a person in person other then you wish to "physically" confront them. If all you want to do is talk then say it here, what other reason is there to physically confront a person other then to intimidate or assualt?

Dan, you must be a passifist or something.

This response submitted by John C on 6/3/01. ( )

No reason you say. Lieing cowards is the reason, they hide and use false names to make themselves look better. Case in point this post above. I grew up where and when you dont LIE and hide. Once confronted 99% of the cowards will still cower down, afraid to stand up and admit it was them.

WHen you lack the courage to tell someone in person, you are less a man than a convicted drug dealer.

Dan again you make assumtions, YOU Sir. KNOW NOTHING ABOUT! DO NOT PUT WORDS OR ACTIONS, WHERE THEY WERE NOT PLACED! I never threatened anyone with bodily harm, YOU SAID IT, not ME.

I can't remeber the last time I slapped the dog crap out of anyone, as a mater of fact I have never hit the first punch. But I do by GEORGE complete the follow up, YEs I damn well will counter punch. Either with words or in self-defense. No Danny-boy, I ask YOU, WILL YOU REALLY STAND UP FOR THE CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA?

I remember that post you are talking about...Dan

This response submitted by Lisa on 6/3/01. ( )

Along with many other things that was said.I cannot speak for John C,however, I have been known to in your terms "confront" some, if they are not speaking the truth that involves me.Without intention of causing or threatening bodily harm,it allows better understanding.When looking eye to eye, gives more of a personal touch.Again.... it is how one perceives these words, but until you have met me,is when you will know the real me.This forum gives some idea of what we are all about, but a broad scope at that, when some of us have not had the chance to meet.In some of my posts I have talked about my enjoyment of taxidermy,being a proud mom and wife,and utilizing this forum as a learning tool.My sense of humor may be in question....speaking of that....I'm going over to check up on the PeaCock discussion.....I wait until the children are in bed, it's not for little eyes!.......

Have a nice day John!

This response submitted by Dan on 6/4/01. ( )

Temper, temper John. You only seem to place your e-mail when you get really mad? How does someone useing Dan, Bill, John, or Jim make them look better? Why do you not give us your telephone and credit card number on here John? Are you a coward or is not giving out certain information just being SMART? You always get upset when someone questions you, why?

Amazing John!

This response submitted by Dan on 6/4/01. ( )

John, You brag on one post how you did 2200 fish per year and now you put others down for not charging more and doing less work! Does that make you a hypocrite or a lier? You say you have never threatened bodily harm! You did tell someone on a post to meet you at the world show and you would bring the boxing gloves! Does that make you a lier. You brag on here all the time about all your sail boats and your horses you train! Yet you are on disability from the military? I am glad our tax dollars are going to good use for you! If you can do all of this and be a Taxidermist why the disability? Does this make you a hypocrite or a lier? Some of us have to actually work a second job to suppliment our Taxidermy income! You have a lot of nerve to brag on the other post about how you have all the boats and horses becuase you charge such a high price and do such great work! We all could have those things if we had a government disability check comeing in and worked also! Does that make you a hypocrite or a lier? You are just amazing John!
You asked will I stand up for the constitution? Yes! Why do you ask?

holy flying tomatos!

This response submitted by Wava on 6/4/01. ( )

NOW I remember the post you were talking about, Dan. Say, I never meant to stir up that mess again...How about a standing offer to buy both you and John a beer at the next world show? Lisa has a point of meeting face to face.

What was this post about again? lol

Maybe we can get together.....Someday

This response submitted by Lisa on 6/4/01. ( )

For a beer or two or three! But if I get on your husbands nerves, let me know before hand, I don't want to take a one way journey down a road!


alright already

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 6/4/01. ( )

Enough is enough. We all enjoy a little spirited exchange now and then, but come on. If you cant add anything helpful now and then, back off. Theres quite a difference between shooting negative comments behind a coward's veil of anonimity and asking a question not using ones name to get a neutral reply. If you choose to continue your crap, would you mind doing it via email? Just email John. Thanks.

Your right!

This response submitted by Dan on 6/4/01. ( )

Bill you are right! I should not get sucked into this. Just like you just did! It never ends! Same crap different day! Oh, by the way you left off your e-mail address!

Still no e-mail from Little Danny.

This response submitted by John C on 6/8/01. ( )

Like I said.

Danny Boy doing 2200 fish in one year does NOT make me a

This response submitted by John C on 6/8/01. ( )

Hypocyrte. That was mid 1980's and yes if you work hard you could have done it also. Since you are so smart do the math. time X time with a multiple of two, i.e one person setting eyes epoxying the backs and finishing fins. I know several people that are today doing almost that many.

Since I am still waiting for you to e-mail me, I had to post this here.

Today my shop is within 16 deerheads of finishing over 200 for the year, plus we have done some birds and fish along the way. Yes there are two of us mounting the deer and yes I mounted ten this week myself and yes they are QUALITY HEADS. Even though we are about done with the head, we are now planning on the bird mounting run. Danny, you cannot make your dreams happen by being pesamistic like you appear. Otimistic is the only way. Yep dreams do come true. To my good friend Steve, yes we signed the contract today for 7.5 more than I told you about. Life is grand.

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