Submitted by Terry V on 5/2/01. ( )

Hey Christoforo, I give, you can win the free stuff. I just want my magazine. I broke down and e-mailed Larry. If you are still waiting for your Magazine you can see some of it at the Breakthrough web site. Sorry for being week, guess I would suck at the surviver game. Wonder what the wife is doing?

(see other postings under keeping track)

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5/3/01-not yet !

This response submitted by Christoforo on 5/3/01. ( )

It hasen't arrived yet. I got a bright idea the other day after reading Yox's post looking for the NEXT issue because he read the one we don't have yet, 3 times. I'm going to change my mailing address to in care of Yoxie's and pay him to remail it to me. I get mail from his way real fast. There must be a bottleneck in Baltimore ?
I can't ask my mailman any more , today he gave me the one finger salute, plus he's a Nam vet and i don't want to piss him off.

Me Neither.......

This response submitted by Leanna on 5/3/01. ( )

Glad to hear I'm not the only sorry son of a biscuit not to have gotten the latest issue. I even called Breakthrough to make sure my subscription wasn't up, even though I pretty much knew it wasn't. You know how you start doubting even yourself?!

Terry, Christoforo, tomorrow is a new day to run to the mailbox. Although the empty handed walk back is becoming a real bitch aint it?! you guys open up YOUR mailbox only to reply, "S H I T."?!


This response submitted by just wondering on 5/3/01. ( )

is this the type of language all taxidermist use or just a few disgruntled ones, can we keep this a little cleaner please. LOL :)


This response submitted by Elmer on 5/3/01. ( )

Well gang I havn,t gotten mine yet either. Got my Taxidermy Today though to tie me over. My buddy about ten miles from me got his and I usually get mine the next day he has had his for two weeks now go figure. Leanna I,m not going to brak down and call though. I want you to go to your studioe and go to the corner of the room and stand on your head until you turn blue in the face and your eyes pop out.LOL No name you can stand up and be recognized we won,t bite your head off.Its OK to state your opinion. Responder from N.B. Can tried to mail you about my project wouldn,t go through I,m running out of Critter Clay.LOL

Just Wondering

This response submitted by George on 5/3/01. ( )

How long have you been in taxidermy? Don't you know what the acronym for Sure Happy I'm a Taxidermist is?

happy day (maybe)

This response submitted by Terry V on 5/3/01. ( )

I received a reply to my e-mail. My Breakthrough will go out on Friday. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for deliverance. Deliverance is the word I chose to use. Amy wrote delivery. I think I'm happy.

Gloat, Gloat!

This response submitted by Lars on 5/3/01. ( )

I guess I like being the opposite of everyone else.......I got mine a month ago, Nice Eagle article, George!

just wondering

This response submitted by RC on 5/4/01. ( )

This talk is normal for the taxidermists i know , in fact it's mild. You must be living under a rock.
You should go to the Wal-Mart near me and hear the language, mother this mother that, thats the teenagers, the smaller kids call each other the N word then one will say "your mothers a Haitian" then the fist fight starts.

Please explain delay

This response submitted by Bruce Norton on 5/4/01. ( )

Can somebody at Breakthrough please explain why some subscribers get their issues issue 3-4 weeks before others? I also called them yesterday wondering where my copy was. They said that the printer would be sending it out and it would take 2 more weeks. What gives? Don't they print these things at the same time? Very frustrating.

I feel your pain

This response submitted by Terry V on 5/5/01. ( )

I'm in Michigan, Leanna is in Minnesota, not sure about the others. Maybe a slow train or boat.


This response submitted by rob on 5/5/01. ( )

Maybe they should flip their sending order around next time and we could get ours first.Don't have mine either

The Great Breakthrough Heist!

This response submitted by Butch and Sundance on 5/5/01. ( Hole in the Wall Gang )

Well guys, I guess you all have found out the big heist George and I have pulled off. By publicizing the Great article by The original curmudgeon (Think I even contributed the name - once referring to him as a lovable curmudgeon), we have made the issue a collectors item. We were able to allow some people to receive the issue just to run up the publicity. Shortly, we will be contacting the media with a statement that the two faithful senators have coerced congress to allow release of the 4,500 Bald Eagles currently held at facilities in the USFW centers. President George Bush will announce that the US Government will, with a one time fund, allow these eagles to be mounted for the 4,500 largest highschools in the nation, at a fee to each taxidermist of $2,247.89. John Crossley has been contacted to RUSH order the 9,000 eagle eyes required.
HOWEVER, the only taxidermists currently allowed to cash in on this fatted calf, are the ones CURRENTLY HOLDING the most recent issue of Breakthrough, containing the venerable curmudgeons article. Preference will be given to those who contact George and arrange to get a signed copy. Our supply is limited to only those from Leanna's mailbox, Richard Christoforo's mailbox and selected others.
Price is $100.00 cash on the barrelhead.
The Taxidermologist
(Just Kidding)

Loveable and Huggable

This response submitted by Leanna on 5/5/01. ( )

George, speaking of signed issue....if there were one...that'd be worth thousands don't you think?!

Gosh, I wonder who wrote that, because it was signed Taxidermologist and then (just kidding). The rest of it must be some serious stuff. Can anyone find out for me where the release location is for those 4500 bald eagles? I'd love to video tape their release. Oh, how completely chaotically beautiful it should be.

For the record, my mailbox is now surrounded by hired hands, to remain annonymous, complete in Realtree drag, in the surrounding woods. They only time they become visible is when one unfortunate may try peering into my mailbox without proper identification. I can't beleive the world is coming to this. Tis a sad day indeed.

Terry, soon that walk to your mailbox will pan out.


This response submitted by Terry V on 5/5/01. ( )

I'm sorry to tell you this but the eagles are dead. Hey, on a brighter note, my does (4) are all getting ready to have babies. If the fawns get here before the Breakthrough mag. I'll never get to read it. I think I'll go look for morels. Any one want to trade a new Breakthrough for a bag of mushrooms?


This response submitted by Christoforo on 5/5/01. ( )

Still no Breakthrough. Does anyone know where these are mailed from and if they all go out at once?


This response submitted by dave on 5/5/01. ( )

I orderd Breakthrough magazine last october and never received an issue.I seem to get all my bills to come to this address. What a rip off.I can't even get my money back


This response submitted by Leanna on 5/5/01. ( )

We have 6 does ready to fawn. Maybe we should trade a couple! Fawns that is. I've decided to have my subscription sent to George, then he can mail it to me, and I'll send HIM twenty bucks a year just for his troubles. Okay George?! LOL. Terry, mail me with your address please. It's morel time already in MI? Damn.


This response submitted by Christoforo on 5/8/01. ( )

Still no Breakthrough!


This response submitted by You know who on 5/8/01. ( )

still no Breakthrough !

Missing Breakthrough?

This response submitted by Anne Stewart on 5/8/01. ( )

Anyone missing their Breakthrough Magazine?
Please call 1-800-783-7266 if you have not already done so.
I'm sorry for your inconvenience.

P.S. Yes, all magazines are mailed at the same time!


This response submitted by Terry V on 5/8/01. ( )

My mail gets to my mailbox at 5:00 PM or somewhere in that time frame. This might make a difference in the "Last to receive their Breakthrough". It's Tuesday and I got the Cabela's Archery catalog. Wow a rangefinder for $169.99. Now I feel bad again. I used my new GPS while mushroom hunting. That was a bad idea, spent all my time walking around in the woods looking at the GPS. I did make a smiley face with the tracking mode.

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