Why is it?

Submitted by bulletbox on 5/5/01. ( )

Why is it that some taxidermist make deals and never follow through with them? I have sold, resold, and sold again more things than I can ever remember. I have had several wanting animals, seam to be in a big hurry to get them, then we work a deal, then I wait and wait. Nothing happens, I write them, they say, "YES, I want it", I wait and wait some more.

I don't feel that this is industry wide. I have done guite a few great deals over this board and do appreciate it. However, if you don't want it just tell me. I have had no complaints that I know of.

Just wondering,


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This response submitted by jodi on 5/5/01. ( )

some people are nice and some people just suck!


This response submitted by . on 5/5/01. ( )

I wish i had thought of that answer, Jodi. lmao

Because most taxidermists ..........

This response submitted by I don't work for minimum on 5/5/01. ( )

Most taxidermists are to busy trying to make nothing up in volume. They would rather work for nothing than to loose a job. What I am trying to say is that most taxidermists don't have a pot to piss in! They want everything for free because they aren't making enough money to pay for anything! You will be able to see who's not making any money in this business in a little while. Because they will be screaming the loudest about this reply!
Most taxidermists are trying to become the largest taxidermist in their area rather than the richest.
Well enough said. I'm off to my lake cabin. Maybe I'll get to try out my new boat after I change the oil on the ATV's.

I have a pot

This response submitted by Art on 5/5/01. ( )

I just don't have time to pi$$. : )

Art, Just wait

This response submitted by George on 5/5/01. ( )

When you get older, that won't be the problem either. LOL

LOL, George, .....

This response submitted by Lars on 5/5/01. ( )

Especially when the Atenonol (Blood preassure Meds) and the Lipitor (cholesteral Meds) kick in!


This response submitted by Tim on 5/5/01. ( )

Are you the fella that lives in Robert Lee? Just curiuos.I hunted west of town off water valley highway for ten years but gave it up due to day hunting pressure and moved to Brady.If your the fella give me your e-mail address.I would enjoy chatting with you.

Later Tim

Not Minimum wage guy

This response submitted by RC on 5/6/01. ( )

Your correct, it's also why they don't come to the shows or join any associations, "too busy", ya no money.

Why is the sky blue?

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 5/6/01. ( )

Some things don't have answers and some things (like why use DP) should never be asked! (LOL)


Email addy

This response submitted by bulletbox on 5/6/01. ( bulletbox@hotmail.com )

Here it is, Hunting pressure in Coke Co., should be less than anywhere in that Brady, Mason, Menard county.



Dave, actually there is a reason why the sky is blue...

This response submitted by marty on 5/6/01. ( meshimkus@yahoo.com )

But, for the life of me I can't remember the answer. Sounds like a question for Curmudgeon!

Why would anyone change their own oil?

This response submitted by BobB on 5/7/01. ( foxranch@hotmail.com )

Certainly your time is worth so much more, as a high paid taxidermist than to waste it changing your own oil.

I just got back up my Arctic Cat 500 Auto, after the dealer changed my oil. I also had them remove my plow. Before next winter I'll have them come and pick it up for another oil change and to put back on the plow.

Yeah they charge me extra for pickup and delivery, but it's cheaper than than doing it myself....

Reminds me of the 2 southern boys that changed their own ATV oil. Let's see how did that go....

Oil filter $9
4 qts of oil $8
Case of Red White and Blue $12
Drunk driving ticket $575 (needed more beer to finish the job)
New motor (forgot to replace drain plug after 12 beers each) $2000

By the way the local ATV dealer wanted $25 for the task.

So why would any high priced taxidermist even consider doing any of his own manual labor. He is just losing money. He would certainly be making HUGE Dollars spending that same productive time working in his own shop and he would certainly save money, cause his wife wouldn't have to hire a real professional to fix the hacks work.

I do it right

This response submitted by I don't work for minimum on 5/7/01. ( )

Why would I want a cheap $25 oil change . When I can give my ATV's a $50. oil change myself. I don't like cheap jobs . You never know what you are getting!

That's the exact answer I EXPECTED.

This response submitted by BobB on 5/7/01. ( foxranch@hotmail.com )

Without a doubt, I knew you would answer that way. Either you enjoy working on your ATVs (as I do) or you felt you could do as good a job, as the full-time true professional.

I think you opened your own eyes as to only a few possible answers as to why not every taxidermist charges the prices YOU want him to. To many their mounting a deer, is like you servicing your own ATV. You enjoy it.

I know you will still find another reason to argue, but you just put in your words your real answer. Thanks Bud.

My Maserati does 185

This response submitted by Big Shot on 5/7/01. ( Life's been good to me so long. )

I lost my liscense, now I don't drive. So I got me a limo,I ride in the back. I lock my doors in case I'm attacked.


This response submitted by I don't work for minimum on 5/7/01. ( )

Actualy I don't enjoy working on them. But it's easier than getting the trailer, loading them up, strapping them down, driving them 50 miles into towm, unloading them, then loading them up again,strapping them down again, towing them back out, unloading them, putting them away, then putting the trailer away. To put this price thing in simple terms. There is money to be made in taxidermy if you are not afraid to charge what you are worth.
It doesn't take a lot of skill to change oil. I bet EVERYONE OF YOUR FRIENDS can do it! BUT can they take a soaking wet pile of feathers or a raw skin and turn it into a piece of art? You can! Now make some money. lol

Yeah, and Why is It?

This response submitted by Eddie B. on 5/8/01. ( )

..That you we call people from Poland Poles but we don't call people from Holland Holes?
..that the man (or woman) who invests all your money is called a broker?
..that a person who plays the piano is called a pianist but a person who drives a race car isn't called a racist?
..that a wise man and a wise guy are opposites?
..that overlook and oversee mean opposite things?
and... Do you ever wonder?...
..If you take an Oriental and spin him around several times,does he become disoriented?
..If a pig loses its voice, is it disgruntled?
..If lawyers are disbarred and clergymen defrocked, does'nt it follow that electricians can be delighted, musicians denoted, cowboys deranged, models deposed, tree surgeons debarked, and dry cleaners depressed?
..If a cow laughed, would milk come out of her nose?
..If olive oil comes from olives, where does baby oil come from?
and last but certainly not least...
..Whatever happened to PREPARATIONS A through G?


This response submitted by Lorrie on 5/8/01. ( MissTaxitress@aol.com )

Eddie B. - Thanks for "The Chuckle of the Day"!

LOLing! ;-)

Dave, the sky is blue because...

This response submitted by SKYGAZER on 5/8/01. ( )

..molecules in the air scatter blue wavelength from the sun more than other values. At sunset we see more red and orange because the blue is scattered away from line-of-sight. Additionally the "blue cones" in our eyes are more active than the red or green.

The ocean is blue because of the reflected color of the sky.

I'm so blue because the Cardinals are in last place.

I don't know why anyone would use DP.

ponder this(these)

This response submitted by CHUCK on 5/8/01. ( Chuckcnctaxi@aol.com )

Jumbo shrimp
Military intelligence
for you auto buffs- midget races
- why do car races offer a "purse"
why are bartenders paid only by mere tips when a psychiatrist charges an arm and a leg?
why do weekends fall on Saturday and Sunday,I'd rather see weekends fall on Monday or Friday -I hate getting up on both mornings.
Who says you can't get something for nothing? look at all the grief we all get totally free !
And last but not least -Why are male deer called a buck when a permit costs me $15.00 ?
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