Offering wholesale fish work

Submitted by Dave Toms on 5/5/01. ( )

We are offering wholesale fish work to a limited number of clients. We offer pick up and delivery to shops within a 100 mile radius (Great Falls, MT) If you are looking for a cheap, fast job then we are not the shop you are looking for. Currently we have a 6 month turn around time. You can check out our website @ or you can following the link on the taxidermist homepage

Thanks and we hope to hear from you

Dave Toms

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This response submitted by Elmer on 5/6/01. ( )

Tried to check your site out . When the home page loaded it scooted me right out of there. Possible problem orcould be my PC but had no problem with other sites just to let you know. PS don,t need a wholesale fish guy just checking your site out what I saw nice first page then it kicked me to the curb.LOL

It designed t o weed out the rif raf....

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 5/6/01. ( )

Just kidding Elmer! How are things going for you? Sure had a good time meeting you and the rest of the "forumers" in Ill. I will check on the site, I haven't had any problems. Good luck this year and hope to cross paths again in 03. Cheers


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