Remember ABC and SCI

Submitted by George on 5/5/01. ( )

On Primetime Live (4/19) Wayne Pacelle and his sycophant Brian Ross of ABC hammered SCI and Kenneth Behring for his and SCI's donations to the Smithsonian Institute of over $100 million. Tonight (5/5) on ABC News, Weekend, ABC is wailing its heart out that the Smithsonian may be forced to close its endangered species research facility in Front Royal, VA because of dwindling funds. If you get an opportunity, make sure you visit and drop them a line. Ask them how much money Wayne Pacelle's HSUS has given to the facility and see if they are planning a Brian Ross interview of that momentous announcement.

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This response submitted by brice on 5/7/01. ( )

i really wish i would have caught that abc report on SCI. a woman at work was telling me about this thing she saw on tv and how horrible it was, what this guy had gotten away with. then i was on here the next day and saw a post that said something about it but i didnt know enough to understand what the guy was talking about. if anyone saw the whole thing i would love to know more about it....if you have the time. you could either post it on here for everyone who may be interesed or e-mail me.


I will be honest

This response submitted by Charles Gossett on 5/7/01. ( )

I saw the whole thing but had heard what was coming for some time now. CBS started out with a lot of bull but the truth is the hunter they spoke of leaves us all looking bad. What they claim he did is true, he did it. Because of his wealth he was able to shoot animals in an area not hunted and he "Did" do it by way of helicopter which goes against SCI's own by laws of fair chase.
It really angers me this guy give the Smithsonian this money just to shoot a couple animals. Do you know how much 100Million could have done in the fight against the animal rights groups? How about fighting the anti-gunners.
Don't get me wrong I am a SCI member, 90% of what they said in the CBS interview was false but what this guy did is why we are losing public support in droves.
The sad part is he does not represent all SCI members and should not have been put out there as if he did, again its the wealth that got him there. SCI should not have made excuses up, last but not least I don't care what happens to the Smithsonian, I am not willing to trade my hunting rights for a sell out on ethical hunting.
Sorry to anger anyone.

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