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Submitted by RJ on 5/6/01. ( )

Our state recently went with the NTA on the 100% affiliation deal. I was just wondering if any of the other new 100% affiliates have noticed a decline in their memberships?

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What state are

This response submitted by PB on 5/6/01. ( taxidermst@att.net )

and how many members do you have?


Paul B


This response submitted by Kim Owens on 5/7/01. ( kowens@kcbd.com )

JR- What state are you in? The NTA has had several states vote yes on the 100% in the past few months. I personally think this is a good thing for us and am proud that some associations have the ability to work together as a group. Without having heard otherwise, I am sure there are people who are upset by the votes but I think in the future they will see that we all will reep the benefits of their courage. It is probably too early for most states to see a decline in membership, and this is a possibility, but through time I think most will come back to their state associations. For those who are ready to continue this thread to the 60-100K size- it would be beneficial for you to go to the archives and read what has been posted in the past. Congratulations to you and your state, RJ!


This response submitted by RC on 5/7/01. ( )

I think in the long run you will have a stronger association. Yesterday i went to join a new (for me) Fish and Game Club, on the membership app it says NRA membership MANDATORY,real simple.

Surely Not!

This response submitted by Kim Owens on 5/7/01. ( )

You mean to say- There are organizations that make it MANDATORY that a member MUST belong to other groups in order to be a member of theirs? This is unheard of--unconstitutional--unamerican--unfair! I can hear the cries across the country as I type! Could it be that this if for the betterment of the organization? Could it be that all members are for the unity of their group and stand together on their beliefs? Surely not!

Kim is

This response submitted by Paul B on 5/7/01. ( taxidermst@att.net )

Texas 100%? I have heard, and correct me if I am wrong, that the average size of the states that have voted for the 100% is around ten members. That is why I asked RJ which state he belonged to. And that question is still without an answer.



This response submitted by Kim Owens on 5/7/01. ( kowens@kcbd.com )

No, Texas is not 100% at this time. I think we will vote at the state convention in June. I really can't say how the vote will go. There are alot of members who do not support the affilation. But then again, after the Texas turnout at the NTA show last year- there are alot of members who don't support the NTA. I hope that the membership will look at this long and hard and that it will be able to be discussed in a reasonable manner. I also believe that you have heard wrong. Iowa just recently voted (I think) and I know they have more members than 10. Rhode Island is the state you are thinking of, they have a small membership, but they are also a small state. From what I understand, and I could be wrong, the 100% is going to take place, with or without the support of all the states. I have said this before, but for those who have not checked the archives, I will say it again- The NTA is not looking to destroy state associations. In this industry, we need unity- one for all - all for one. As far as the NTA score sheets, the Division of Excellence and NTA judges- I remember when Texas had their own score sheets, the Award of Excellence IS an NTA award, and the NTA does not own all the judges (any, that I know of). Those that want their points to count towards the Division of Excellence and their state does not vote for the 100% will travel to a neighboring state to enter their competitions. It's really not a difficult situation. Because we are entering the convention season- I would suggest all do some research on the 100% affiation matter so when it is brought up at their state shows they will have some REAL knowledge of the subject and not just fly off the handle over what they have heard. It's a glorious day here in the Hub City- ya'll have a wonderful week!

"REAL knowledge"

This response submitted by Terry V on 5/7/01. ( )

When you send someone to a state taxidermy meeting to talk the people into joining the NTA, it might be a good idea for that person not to start by bashing the board and the organization. This person stated he was a board member of the NTA and was speaking on behalf of the NTA. This did not go over very well with the people of Michigan. After those words most the 100 to 150 people waited politely for this man to finish. No vote was taken at that time. Please, NTA if the best you can send is someone to insult us, at least send someone who puts his own work on his advertising brouchure. I have a brouchure on file, and yes I was a NTA member. (WAS)
I broke one of the rules I grew up with but this needed to be said. And to my Mother, I am truly sorry.

Terry, Don't blame the NTA

This response submitted by George on 5/7/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

It was unfortunate that whomever spoke to the group seemed to cast a pall over NTA membership and I'm not sure and NTA board member would best serve the states in trying to sell the idea. I can see how it would turnoff someone. In Delaware, we are the second smallest state, but when we wrote the charter 5 years ago, we wrote mandatory NTA membership right into the rules. Our 14 members in a state the size of most of your big counties don't even notice it. Talking down about the NTA is about the same as the Antihunting crew spitting out phlegm about the NRA. Like the NRA, the NTA is made up of real people who are no different form anyone else. You can't bad mouth the NTA without badmouthing its individual members.
Early on, the NTA ignored its own founding charter just to increase membership. That was a mistake. The organization was being imploded by individuals taking advantage of the group, but not repaying it with their membership. We've come to a crossroads, and as bitter and painful as some people seem to want to make the medicine taste, it is necessary for our survival. We'd love to have your state as an NTA affiliate, and if the majority of your members don't want to, you can rest assured it won't change how you do business or even how your state does business I suppose. You as an individual won't be able to use the NTA ammenities, but it won't stop your state from having an organization or a show and competition. As Kim so eloquently stated, if an NTA member in your state wants to compete for NTA sanctions, certifications, and awards, their only hardship is that they'll have to do it in a neighboring state instead of at home. It may pose a hardship on that member, but the hardship won't be the fault of the NTA, it will be the majority decision of your state association. So please don't blame the recession and world petulance on the NTA. The NTA is just taxidermists like me and Kim who are trying to make the industry better.

Please reread my post

This response submitted by Terry V on 5/7/01. ( )

George, I guess you had to be there. From my side of the screen I did not think I was bashing. I do know the man that came to our meeting is one of the attritions of the NTA.
This is my opinion,

I reread my own post and

This response submitted by Terry V on 5/7/01. ( )

The person who said he is a NTA board member did not bash the NTA. He was bashing the Michigan Taxidermist Assoc.. I don't know if I made that clear in my first post. It was all very strange and I still wonder what he was thinking. That's all.

RI Association?

This response submitted by Lorrie Carter on 5/8/01. ( MissTaxitress@aol.com )

Hi Kim!

It is my understanding that both Rhode Island, and Massachusetts are amongst the few states that do NOT have State Associations. This is unfortunate. If they in fact DO... could someone "in the know" please send me the proper contact information?

The closest I am aware of is Connecticut. I have contacted them, and hope to attend their show in June! I can hardly wait... and yes, I'm traveling South again! :-)


Lorro1969@aol.com (NB/RI Hybrid)

New Mexico is 100%...

This response submitted by Bob Mead on 5/8/01. ( meadtaxidermy@yahoo.com )

As a member of the board of directors for the NMTA, I can assure you that we wrestled with the 100% issue for many meetings before deciding to go for it. We haven't had any significant turnover in our membership since doing so. Every year we lose a few and gain a few, but it all averages out in the end. Without checking the member list, I would guess that we have about 55-60 members. We have had just about everyone sign back up again this year, so we feel confident that our members made the right decision.

Bob Mead

Bigger Wrestling Match

This response submitted by Elmer on 5/8/01. ( Topstaxidermy@aol.com )

In Mich we have a lot more members to wrestle with approximatly 200 Terry or Paul correct me if I am wrong. I being a relative new member 4 years I did not hear any convincing things coming from the rep that was at our show. But I wear two hearing aids from service to our country so I might have missed some of the finer points of what allthis will do for the association. I,m not too sure that the big Mid western states will go 100 % but thats is each states decision. I,ll wait and do my vote when it comes time. I do understand what you are saying Geo but there still has to be some laid out benefits to everyone that should have a vote in this. Without all the shouting matches.

I Agree Elmer and Terry

This response submitted by Geroge on 5/8/01. ( )

Obviously I can't relate to your situations, but nothing ends a conversation quicker that someone turning into a slamming contest. Terry, that's all I meant in my comment. It just doesn't sound like a responsible thing to do, Go into the Huns camp and tick off Atilla. LOL. I feel that those who come will be more than happy with the idea and will get a greater bang for their buck, so to speak. And I'd like to personally thank the New Mexico folks. They've carried far more than their weight already in this conversion. Thanx Bob.

Why go 100%?

This response submitted by Kevin on 5/8/01. ( trails_end_tax@hotmail.com )

Let me start out by saying that we in Michigan made arrangements with the N.T.A. to have a Representative come to our meeting during our convention to "inform" us as to the benefits and the reasoning of this issue. We wanted to get the facts straight from the source as to eliminate all the "he said she said" rumors that are floating around. I made several calls to the N.T.A. setting all this up. All we wanted was clear facts. What we received was very non-professional. This representative (a board member of the N.T.A.)did not present a very convincing argument as to the benefits of Michigan being 100%. As Terry and Elmer pointed out, all we got was this "Representative of the N.T.A." bashing our state association and some paper place mats with the benefits of the N.T.A. printed on them. Now we all understand that every individual is different but when you have a state contacting you trying to get a clear picture of all the details, and this is the kind of response you receive what else is there to think? I would like to think that an association would want to be sure that they were well represented in an important issue as this. Is this the way that that N.T.A. is run? The Michigan Taxidermists Association is over 150 members strong. Talking with the N.T.A. on the phone setting all this up, they were well aware of this fact. You would think that if this is a benefit to state associations there would have been better representation from the N.T.A. In talking to some Office personnel of the N.T.A., I was informed that you may loose some of the "Hobbyist" if all this goes through. Well I am sorry but I believe that we were all "Hobbyists" at one time and that we should not forget where we started. If any of us feel we are too good for the "Hobbyists" what kind of people are we. I thought that an association was for the betterment of "All" taxidermists and to improve the art that we "All" love, not just those of us that have been into this for some time.The Michigan Taxidermists Association will be voting on this issue this summer. I am not sure how the vote will go but I can assure you that the "Hobbyists" in our association have a voice to be heard also. Thank-you KP

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