Lost Items

Submitted by Terry Vining on 5/8/01. ( tvining@mail.riverview.net )

OK, I put my digital PH meter in a safe place because I leave them where I can find the damn thing and end up breaking them somehow. By sitting,stepping or crushing in some way by me or any one else I can find to blame. My question is, What have you put in a safe place never to find again or are you like me and as soon as you quit looking for that and start looking for something else you find what it was that got you started looking in the first place .AHHH.
I did get my desk cleaned off though. The crazy part is that was where my meter was. Not a safe place at all. What was I thinking. I feel better now,whew.

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My Brass garden hose nozzle

This response submitted by BobB on 5/8/01. ( foxranch@hotmail.com )

Two years in-a-row. I turn on the outside fawcet, drag out the hose, and can not find that darn nozzle. Strange thing is, I never found the one from 2 years ago. Now last years is missing. Maybe the shed critters carry them off.

This fall, I'm storing my newest one in my filing cabinet under "BRASS NOZZLE"


This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 5/8/01. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

I know that feeling. Put something right here yep I know it was right here. So I turn around to fix the eye on my deer turn back to grab the tool POOFH! Gone where did it go. No I take 15 min seach all over going nuts losing more hair on top. Then I say screw it I'll do it with out it. Turn back and POOFH their it is. Go figure.

I will tell you this much, the day I find them little critters I will mount him up and make a million or two. Now where's the remote control?

You can break that habit

This response submitted by George on 5/8/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

Many people laugh at the military habit I brought into my shop, but before they leave, invariably I hear, "You know, that's not a bad idea." I have one wall of my shop dedicated to hand and special tools. Above my work counters, I have painted sheets of 1/2 plywood. I've hung all my tools on bent nails neatly in order and outlined each one of them with a heavy magic marker. When a tool is not where it belongs, it shows like a sore thumb. Before I cut off the lights each night, a quick glance shows me if a tool is missing and I make sure I find it before I click the switch. Now if I could just keep my wife from "borrowing" them once in awhile. LOL

Modeling tool mystery

This response submitted by Joey on 5/9/01. ( )

I use my modeling tool for everything and only have one. I spend a good part of my life looking for it. I cannot function without my modeling tool. Maybe I need to buy a dozen or so extra's, but I don't think they could take the place of my Apoxie Sculpt encrusted one.

YA! Joey's Got it !

This response submitted by Mr. Bill on 5/9/01. ( )

YA! Joey's Got it !

When ever I have trouble finding something I just order a new one. Eventually I get to the point when I always have one on hand. That organization thing sounds great but it just don't work for some of us.

Everyone wonders

This response submitted by brice on 5/9/01. ( )

i know i cant be the only one who has wrapped up his caping knife in a green cape and thrown it in the freezer... only to be discovered like some hidden treasure some months later when you thaw it out to tan.

maybe those of you reluctant to organize could use some short length of string or yarn and tie your most used tools and utensils to your shirt sleeves. worked for my mittens when i was young.

The lost and never found

This response submitted by Leanna on 5/10/01. ( scardeer@cornernet.com )

It always works to blame someone for taking whatever it is I myself lost. Gives me an opportunity to rant and rave like a maddened lunatic.

AND, my 17 year old son works on cars alot, so mom has a bunch of cool stuff in her shop that seems to end up "missing". Thats as far as I'll take that one.

So now I'm to the point, when I am missing lets say my needle nose pliers, I start raucously demanding of my family members, starting with the 17 year old, "who TOOK my needle nose?". And do you know the scary thing? Most of the time NOBODY does! Does that mean someone is breaking into our home and my shop and taking stupid items such as this?! I think those same people break into our home to leave candy wrappers on the table and empty milk glasses on various furniture in the house too. Because NO ONE in my family does it! My kids are completely innocent, they tell me so.

THEN theres the unmentionable time when I blame family members and it was actually ME who moved the scalpel to the dryer when I tried squeezing a load of laundry in, in between carcass carving. I try and keep those instances under my hat!

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