Someone is stealing photos....I think

Submitted by Jim A. on 5/9/01. ( )

I don't want to accuse anyone without knowing the terms and conditions but I was at this site and seen other peoples work. Jeff Apple from Flint Ridge Buffle Heads mount is on there and Authentic Taxidermy's walleye is featured. I don't know what this guy is thinking or if he has permission to use there photos but please be advised.

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Just read the post in the "wanted" column

This response submitted by Lars on 5/9/01. ( &^%$%***&^ )

Some folks just seem to think (or not think) that showing other 's work is OK. Presently there is security for your website from downloading pictures. It is expensive. Hopefully we can tip each other off to this blatent infraction of copytright and expose the one's doing it.

Needs Helps

This response submitted by Charles on 5/9/01. ( )

Anyone that does taxidermy for his prices needs all the help or pictures he can get Geese $75 Squirrell $35 Fox $100 Fish $4 inch , I will bet he is so busy he never had time to take his own pictures. Dont think he should be a threat to anyone long.

It's still wrong

This response submitted by Jim A. on 5/9/01. ( )

Bob Wendt from Authentic e-mailed and told me that he told the guy to take the photo of his walleye of his site. That's a shame that you would think you have the right to display someone elses work. Oh well it take all kinds, I just wanted everyone to be aware of what I found.
See Ya.

Birdman has been using pictures of my work for years....HAHAHAHAHA



This response submitted by Lisa on 5/9/01. ( )

Should be the name of his business.His ethics fit in the category of fraudulent practice.My hat is off, to the person that signed his guest book as the,Truth Teller!Also, have a recipe for "Shepards Pie"
that he may be in need of.

Truth Teller

This response submitted by Jim A. on 5/9/01. ( )

I can't imagine who would have signed his book "Truth Teller" :)


This response submitted by don on 5/9/01. ( )

With Charles. With those prices this guy must be desperate for work and needs all the help he can get.

I have tried to contact him

This response submitted by John on 5/9/01. ( )

to see if the work is his. He is very close to my location and i have not seen any of his work anywhere on display.He never bothered to return a response to my e mails and he is not listed in the phone book.Have no idea what his plans are.


This response submitted by Jim A. on 5/10/01. ( )

I have contacted the taxidermist who did the Walleye mount and Jeff Apple who did the buffle head mount They said they did not give him permission to use their pics.As for "TCTaxidermy", the two mounts are not his. I am almost positive the deer head he has on his site is not his either. I could of swore I have seen that deer pic somewhere else. It sounds like this guy is in the Corp., if you look at his guest book someone with his same last name asks him how the "Corp" is treating him. Oh well I wish I knew if he could do good work, I would hire him to do every goose I get in for $75. I won't hold my breath though.

check his website now...

This response submitted by Wava on 5/10/01. ( )

...all the photos (as well as all the entries except those first few from his buddies) are gone.


This response submitted by Paul G. on 5/10/01. ( )

There's no "security" for your website to keep people from downloading your pictures! That's the essence of the technology! You CAN put in javascript code to keep people from doing the "right click
Save As", but all you need to do is turn off JavaScript. Otherwise, just open up the cache and save it there... I know that most taxidermists are technology impaired, so that's the long and skinny of it...


This response submitted by Larry R. Wildlife Artistry Taxidermy on 5/11/01. ( )

I did Jeff Apples web site and got a EMail from him saying this guy had his picture on his site. I went and looked at it and Dam if that was not my Deer head picture. I contacted my Lawyer and sent this dummy a nasty Email with my Lawyers phone number and what I was going to do if hte pictures did not come off ASAP. He took off the pictures yesterday and said he was just practing to see if it would work on his web site... Yea right.
I also Emailed Ken Edwards and asked that this guys web site be removed from Taxidermy NET Web site list and He never responded, which I think is wrong.

Just another note both web sites this guy stole pictures from has a disclaimer that ALL IMAGES are copyrighted and can NOT be used without written permission

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