Trick mailboxes and missing Breakthrough Mags

Submitted by Bill Yox on 5/9/01. ( )

Well, now Im on my third time around, and Im proof reading my newest Breakthrough, looking for typos and subliminal messages. Heck, what else CAN I do, Ive had mine so long...Any luck yet, Richard and Terry? I called over at the Breakthrough office yesterday, too. You know, just to see how the NEXT issue was doing. Did you ever notice those spiders and wasps in the back of the mailbox?

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SOME people...

This response submitted by Wava on 5/9/01. ( )

just can't resist turning the knife a few times once it's planted! HeHeHe :) By the way, I just started MY subscription....I wonder how long I'LL have to wait...


This response submitted by guess on 5/9/01. ( )

Thought you were busy Bill. Talk about looking for typo's, you should check out the last post in that 100% NTA thread. The one from someone you know pretty well, look in the forth line down. GOTCHA!
You're the man, stand proud like an eagle (not the golden type either).



This response submitted by Huh? on 5/9/01. ( )

or "fourth"?


This response submitted by Richard,and probably Terry+Leanna on 5/9/01. ( )

No Breakthrough yet ! I called today and they are going correct it . Leanna , did you get yours ? I think we are the last and only three not to get Breakthrough.

Bill, I have seen you type.

This response submitted by john C on 5/9/01. ( )

You are so much slower than me, and your deer heads are darn near as good as mine.

Yes Mr English theacheer check fur tiepos.

I,m not breaking down

This response submitted by Elmer on 5/9/01. ( )

Make it For or is it 4 or four of the last ones that don,t have their Breakthrough they must of had a mail glitch or PC mail out glitch or something.Leanna you are oh so good at chewing out when you call them or mail them again mention my name too.

No Mag Yet

This response submitted by Eddie on 5/9/01. ( )

I live in Houston, TX and I have not received my Breakthrough either.

heck with typos then...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 5/9/01. ( )

Did you know that if you draw pictures of Richard Christoforo on each page of your Breakthrough mag, and then flip the pages fast, it looks like hes running through your magazine? When youve had your Breakthrough as long as I have, you get creative...

Bill you dirty dog

This response submitted by Elmer on 5/9/01. ( )

Just for that i want my staple gun back. No I won,t pay the shipping.LOL

What is a Breakthrough

This response submitted by Terry V on 5/10/01. ( )

A magazine by any other name will do. Still no sign of my evanescent magazine. Leanna had twins today so she is kinda busy. Bill, I'm ready for the bedtime story. can you fax or e-mail parts of your Breakthrough? You might want to check on copyright laws. Hey, change 10% of the words. I got out some of my old Breakthroughs from a few years back and have been going through those. When is the next issue coming out?

"What is a Breakthrough,you ask?"

This response submitted by Eddie B. on 5/10/01. ( )

According to Webster; "n. 1.An act of breaking through a restriction or obstacle. 2.A major achievement or discovery that permits further progress." Bill, I thought you could use this information to "twist that knife" a little more in all those poor folks that have come to a halt in their "progress toward greater achievement". I "broke through" my obstacle to progress,(an empty mailbox)about the same time you did. By the way, I just got the latest issue and I really enjoyed reading your article on ears. I also love all these pictures of the "World Show" (just kidding).


This response submitted by Leanna on 5/10/01. ( )

I havn't received my issue yet. So don't even talk to me. And I'm still recovering from the twins, don't know if I can even bear to walk out to the mail box anymore. My husband has locked up the guns.

Terry, at least I have my fawns! Mean laugh!

ET TU Leanna

This response submitted by Terry V on 5/10/01. ( )

And may you have twenty more. I'm sending you a big box of Michigan Chicquitos (cross between a chicken and mosquito) I hope you enjoy them as we do here. They taste like turtle. I still don't have my Breakthrough.


This response submitted by L on 5/11/01. ( )

Minnesota has Moose-quitos. You can figure it out!


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 5/11/01. ( )

Did I mention that my Breakthrough has such a SMOOTH cover? Boy what a nice issue this was, and what a nice mag they are. So smooth, it nearly slid right out of my mailbox...4 weeks ago! Ive had it so long that I use it as a paperweight here at my desk.


This response submitted by Leanna on 5/11/01. ( )

You can take your paper weight and shove it right up your...uh....
mailbox! If it's that darn smooth it won't hurt a bit!

LOL. You DON'T rule!

By the way

This response submitted by L on 5/11/01. ( )

Who was the lamebrain who started this post anyway? Ohhhhhh, it was Billllll....

Let's everyone, get all our junkmail together and send it to Bills house. I WILL PAY THE POSTAGE! Make sure to mark it "Breakthrough".

What a great idea

This response submitted by Terry V on 5/12/01. ( )

That way Leanna we don't have to worry about it ever being returned to sender. If it was stamped that way it will still take 6-8 weeks to get here. Bill, do you need any credit cards? How about hunting gear? Maybe panty hose that won't snag or run? I'll just mail it all. Moose eh, OK Leanna you win this one. The first liar never stands a chance, LOL.

Bottom line...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 5/14/01. ( )

I STILL got mine way earlier, and have already called on all those for sale ads in the classified section! Now Im thumbing thru the mag backwards, never saw Richard go so fast the wrong way!

Yes but

This response submitted by Terry V on 5/14/01. ( )

Bill, look at all the days you will have to wait for your next issue. When my issue finally gets here, I'll have to read it fast before the next one shows up. Wow, two in one week. How cool will that be.AHHHGGHH, I'm going moosequito hunting now. Hope my chicquito gun is big enough.
Bill, can I borrow your Breakthrough? You may tear off the cover and keep it with you. I'm thinking I don't want to touch that.

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