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Submitted by Frankie Thompson on 5/10/01. ( frankietho@aol.com )

Now what the heck is W.I.I.F.M.? I bet that is what some of you are thinking right now. It stands for - What's In It For Me. What does this have to do with the NTA 100% affiliation? Only this, in life many things happen that we may agree or disagree on and that's normally the first question we ask when we don't like something.

My name is Frankie Thompson and I am on the NTA's Board of Directors. I have read and reread the NTA posts several times now. I wish that I could answer all of the questions involved in this debate in the confines of this space but it would be impossible. The reason that I say that is because every time something is said it leads to more questions or more accusations. I normally don't get on these posts except every couple of days, and normally I don't respond either due to time or knowing that it is going to create a stir since someone is not going to like the way I said something. Hopefully all of you will agree that is anyone's right. Remembering, this is great having this forum but it is not an official NTA site. It is WASCO's site.

Now change is on the horizon for the NTA and for states. Whether we like change or not, it happens. Sometimes change is for the best, sometimes for the worse. How do we know when? We have to let the change take place (gets us out of our comfort zone) and see the results of what will happen. I'll dare say if the group that started the NTA would have had this written in the original charter and not overlooked putting it in, there would be no problems now. This was the original intent, however, mistakes do happen and unfortunately it and other items were overlooked as well. Now, we had "unlearned" people, (meaning that they wanted to bring taxidermists together, but weren't familiar with the legal ways of writing by-laws or knowing how to incorporate, didn't have the money to go out and hire a lawyer or maybe thought they could do just as well), that set up the original charter for the NTA. Unfortunately some items were left out that shouldn't have been. Things like this happen. The 100% was one of those items and something that most national organizations have in their charter. It is truly a shame that it was overlooked, and created such a stir as this.

I went to Louisiana and met many wonderful people. I was treated with respect and in the same token treated each of them with respect as well. I have now met many new friends and hope to one day in the future visit with them once again. I had a wonderful time. I was representing the NTA and was really expecting more questions than I received. Friday, I received a few questions but from only a couple of people. Saturday as people got to know me there were a few more and when the meeting began at 12:30, we had to round people up to come in and prepare for the question and answer session and then they had their vote. It was close, and they made a decision not to go 100%. That was democracy in progress and they made the decision that they felt was best for them. That is each states right. As far as why a certain member or members did or did not come, I cannot answer that. To my own personal convictions, every person should be a member of their state and national association and if at all possible they should attend both as well. Unfortunately that is not going to happen. In this day and time we all get busy and have many things bombarding us from all sides. One question does arrive however, and I must ask it as I have done many times while being the president of SCAT (South Carolina Association of Taxidermists). Did anyone call the people in question and ask why they didn't come? I know we don't want to hear excuses but sometimes this is the way members will get involved and come back into the fold. I know that one of the couples that did not come, were going to be grandparents at any time and were waiting for that blessed event to take place. They are now happy grandparents of a baby boy.

One question was asked on this thread about why people should have to be a member of NTA but that an NTA member did not have to be a member of the state. Why wasn't this done? According to the NTA lawyer, there is a Trade Law that prohibits a national organization from making a mandate like this, BUT, if the state becomes a chapter of the NTA then it is something that is then legal to do. In other words, if your state becomes i.e. (State name) Association of Taxidermists - Chapter of the National Taxidermists Association then there is a reciprocal agreement and the member would have to be a state member if they were a national member and vice versa.

I have answered everything here to the best of my ability and am sure many questions will follow. I hope each of you will read the entire post and see that each and everyone of us has reservations and have opinions, but that is our given right. Please see fit to disagree with each other but by the same token, AGREE to DISAGREE. Just think, how this world would be, if everyone in it were just like me?

If I can be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. My email is listed and I will readily accept and try to answer anything that comes my way. I will be prompt as possible and if I don't know the answer I will do my best to get it for you. I wish each of you the best and I want to close with this. In this day and time we have many obstacles heading our way and our future as taxidermists could come to an end. We must put aside our feelings at times and strive for UNITY. We all need that unity to survive. Without the needed unity we will all fail. Remember, United we stand, Divided we fall. It will happen if we don't come together. There is a change coming, please give it a chance to succeed before stating it will never work. Many things in life have changed and changed for the better. This may or may not be one of them. Let's wait and see and give it a chance. Respectfully yours, Frankie Thompson

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This response submitted by BobB on 5/10/01. ( foxranch@hotmail.com )

Mr Thompson,

It is certainly appreciated when someone from an organization helps to clear up a few of the misunderstandings. It is ashame that often these NTA posts get no direct involvement from current NTA officials. You are a breath of fresh air.

You have to be respected for that.

Original charter

This response submitted by Larry on 5/10/01. ( )

In the above post you mention that in the original charter they did not state that 100% affiliation was mandatory, I have looked in the 1998 and 1999 anual report and it states that states must strive to maintain at least 25% of its members be NTA members.So why is everyone saying it was in the original charter? It might of been their intentions but it was not and still is of 1999 not written in the bylaws(probly is now). I think 25% is better than none and Oregon my state will vote at our convention in june, the pulse of things leeds to not being affiliated after this year.

Thanks Franky

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 5/10/01. ( finazducks@aol.com )

Thanks for your Response. I agree with Bob that it's nice to hear from the NTA Anyone that reads my post and determines that I have been NTA bashing needs to go back to school. If your wife spends to much money it's ok to argue about it. If she runs off with the guy down the street that's a different Story. I never said, the NTA ran off with the guy down the street. I felt a little defensive when George attached me and made me feel stupid for not knowing the NTA had 100% for states to be affiliated as part of the original charter. Now I find out that was never part of the charter. How bout it George?
Frankie I just hope too much damage is not done. And we come out this thing Un-hurt.

This is what frankie did @ the louisiana show

This response submitted by j.barber on 5/11/01. ( crittergedder@yahoo.com )

he had answers to questions that where stirring in my mind and minds of others I think he will hold things together in this rocky time and be a great leader for the NTA.He made a big differance in the vote .I think thats what most of us wanted is answers.

Go Frankie !

This response submitted by KJS on 5/11/01. ( )

I have gotton to know Frankie over the past couple of years and he is one of the most sincere and heart-felt people I have ever met.
He is also intelligent and very dedicated to the taxidermy industry. I hope that he does not burn himself out as he is one person I would like to see in our corner for years to come.

Thanks Frankie !


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 5/11/01. ( )

I have respect for you, and admire your stance here. I can sell the NTA for anyone, its almost a must. But its not mandatory, and therein lie the problem. Good luck to you.


This response submitted by Jeff Lumsden on 5/11/01. ( )

You know me, and with all due respect, your post simply was an apology for the "new" mandate.

"I'll dare say if the group that started the NTA would have had this written in the original charter and not overlooked putting it in, there would be no problems now".

"This was the original intent, however, mistakes do happen and unfortunately it and other items were overlooked as well".

"Unfortunately some items were left out that shouldn't have been. Things like this happen".

"It is truly a shame that it was overlooked, and created such a stir as this".

Was it really over looked? or was it addressed by not writing it in? Surley the origional writers could see that this was a BAD IDEA!

The winds of change? Yes they are indeed.


Thanks to all of you

This response submitted by Frankie Thompson on 5/12/01. ( frankietho@aol.com )

Folks, I really do thank you for the kind words. Yes there are many questions at this time and probally will be many more to come. If not this issue there will be others and we all know that. I am truely sorry Jeff that inavertently the charter left the 100% out and I agree if it was there we wouldn't be having problems now. It's going to be difficult but I think it is obtainable. I respect each and every comment that has been written and feel that is our right to express our views. I have great respect for all of you and will do my best to help anyone in any way that I can. Take care. See ya. Frankie

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