More imfo please

Submitted by Craig on 5/11/01. ( )

In regards to my last message(international freight)could someone please tell me is ground ups surface mail(slow boat) and the cheapest.Thanks

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It gets there.

This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 5/11/01. ( )

There are some items that must go ground, I just ordered two such items, (gloss fish finish) and I recieved it in two days, ups.
For larger items you can use, ABF Freight System Inc. ( phone number, 904-464-0048 ask for Pam Ward. She will go out of her way to help you. They are set up to help taxidermist, or as their letter put it, Wildlife Artist, they can assist you with, green salted hides, unmounted horns, shoulder or life size mounts directly to your clients. rw

It's a slow waltz, Matilda......

This response submitted by Bill Gaither on 5/11/01. ( )

You have gotten some good advice via your posts to the forum. Now, I don't know where you are located in the land down under, be it Cairns, Melborne or Gundy Gie, but there should be some shipping agents on your end that could advise you much better than us here in America. I would think that the international mail carriers would be the most reasonable rate for non hazardous goods.

None of us have any information on your port, customs or clearance procedures. I would suggest you contact a fellow aussie, Tony Hall, at and see how he handles things and what advice he can give you. My correspondence with Tony would indicate he is a fine chap and would be willing to shed some light on this issue.

Thanks guys

This response submitted by Craig on 5/11/01. ( )

Thanks for the shipping imfo but my main point was is ups ground the same as we call suface.the reason being when we order surface from here its only a quarter of the price in freight cost compared to air and takes up to twelve weeks to get here.the only option on the McKenzie online ordering i could find was ground ups which i presumed was surface,but when i recieved them in a week and was hit for a 600.00 dollar freight bill and it was sent by air and not boat i was stunned .so i just want to clear it up so i dont want to make the same mistake again or are McKenzies at fault buy sending them by air and not surface?anyway sorry if i have caused some confusion.Craig

All goes by air

This response submitted by Steve on 5/11/01. ( )

Craig I think all UPS shipments from here to Australia go by air. "Ground" specifically means the shipment is transported by truck, and could not be applied to overseas shipments. I do some international shipping and my experience is that UPS is the highest cost.

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