Submitted by Paul B on 5/13/01. ( Taxidermst@att.net )

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there in taxidermy land.


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Thank You

This response submitted by CUR on 5/13/01. ( )

I thought you had forgotten......lol.....Here's to all you moms...without you, we would not be so quick on our feet.

same here MOMS

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 5/13/01. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY I hope you all enjoy it.

Bowling and morels

This response submitted by Wava on 5/13/01. ( )

we took our two little guys (4 & 7) bowling for the first time and picked 15 lb. of mushrooms today...beats roses and chocolate anyday in my book.

Thanks for the kind words,Guy's...

This response submitted by Lisa on 5/13/01. ( )

Still didn't get my trophy caught,I can always admire my,husband,my son and my daughter's trophies on the wall in the den.But, there is always next time!LOL

One Shocked Mother

This response submitted by Leanna on 5/14/01. ( scardeer@cornernet.com )

And I just have to tell the world, my 17 year old son, for the first time ever, with NO PROMPTING, bought with his OWN MONEY, a moss rose plant for me...walked up to me the day before mothers day, at a family gathering (so that means in front of alot of people) and told me happy mothers day and handed me the plant with a hug! In front of people a hug, a day in advance, that he even remembered........I'm still pleasantly stunned. He didn't even WANT anything!

I'm thinking we must have done something right in raising him after all, LOL.

.....all on his own.....!


This response submitted by Michele on 5/14/01. ( taxidermywild@yahoo.com )

I think I got a lump in my throat, what I wouldn't do if my 15 year old son did something like that for me. Also read on here somewhere that you had twins? A very special mother's day to you and all of the other mothers out there.


This response submitted by Leanna on 5/14/01. ( )

He will come around in due time. Trust me on this. At times I thought there was no hope!

The twins were of the 4 legged variety...fawns...LOL.

I've emailed you to continue this mushy mom stuff!


This response submitted by Terry V on 5/14/01. ( )

Leanna, Twins wow that's great! You looked good at the world show. I never would have guessed. LOL. Let me know if I can help in any way. Got to tell the other forum categories the good news.

Twins, wow cool
no Breakthrough

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