Donations... are they really wirth it?

Submitted by Al on 5/16/01. ( )

I am sure some of you at one time or another donated a mount or your taxidermy service to an organization. How was the out come? Did you recieve any positive feed back from it?
Was your donation twisted around or was it used in a profesional manner and by your terms.
I have in the past donated to local chapters and clubs, my taxidermy services. I always looked at it as giving back to the sportsman in my area. You would think that the sportsman groups would think the same way, but, for the most part as of late it does not seem to be the case.
Some of these groups are large with deep pockets....some being business owners themselves, you would think that they would want to keep business local. It sadness me to see this kind of practice go on. I urge any of you that do donate to organizations like these to make your point known. Or simply donate only to groups that really appreciate what you are doing. Not ones that just take it for granted. Its quite easy to see that the morals and ethics of america today are slowly melting away... Oh and before anyone goes there I am not crying about not getting some of these peices as of late.... I could not do them right now if I wanted them. I just feel they did not have to go out of state to get the work done, when there are more then enough good taxidermists local that donate to them. Just wanted to clarify that.

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I believe they are....

This response submitted by Bill Gaither on 5/16/01. ( )

I donate from $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 worth of original art and reproductions annually to a number of what I consider to be worthy causes. In addition to that, each year I produce a signed, limited edition print and donate that to fund raising for a worthy cause. I have never tried to measure the return worth for the donations, since they are my way of supporting organizations and causes that I think to be beneficial to either my fellow humans, or largely to wildlife in general.
In addition to the donations, I do a number of limited edition works for cost and donate them to various groups which then produce them and sell them through their national banquet and dinner programs. This year alone, my works assigned on a costs only basis will raise several million dollars for the NWTF alone.
Now, I am not bragging here, and before the (.) guy or some other negative person jumps into this, read on. I am not alone on this platform many others do the same with national charities.

I used to think that the Sisters of Charity and other convent orders had an "easy pickens" hotline. Donate to one and be trampled by all, so to speak. The donation business is the best business anyone who creates original products can be in. If you work hard enough at it, why you can get rid of thousands of items in the course of a

Seriously, I try to pick organizations that do not seem top heavy, meaning that the amount of dollars going to administrative salaries do not constitute the bulk of the group's expenditure. I also refuse to donate to any group with single purpose interests. For example the Save the Wolves, or Save the Whales or Save the Blackbirds, (yes, for pity's sake). There are benevolent societies to save damn near anything if you look hard enough. I try to use my talents and products to help places like schools for handicapped children, the Arthritis and Leukemia groups, since their combined research aids much more than the disease they are trying to find a cause and cure for. My favorite wildlife charities are Ducks Unlimited,the National Wild Turkey Federation and the Safari Club's SCICF.I chose those three because their habitat and development platforms benefit most marsh, wetland and woodland species, and not just waterfowl, or other specific species. They are habitat oriented, which is to the good of all species which share the habitats.

I do not support organizations that seem to be redundant in nature. That is a movement that tries to ride on the coat tails of large Federal or State programs, or one that pretends to support a cause that is either non-existant or being addressed better by another group or government agency. If you were to research many of the wildlife organizations, names like Cleveland Emory and others keep popping up into the scheme. Many callous individuals have lived well on the good intent and wishes of contributors

My feeling is that a donation to a worthy cause is a small effort on my part to repay the kindness many have shown me through support of my works. The wildlife that are my subjects are in danger of being over-regulated and in many cases, destroyed by human greed and encroachment. If my donation helps a good cause, I feel that I have done something to assist a plan,rather than just give it lip service. If there is a reward in that, it is knowing that I have tried to benefit the wildlife, without which, I would be out of business.

Has there been a return on my effort? Yes, in the way of good feelings, new commissions and exposure to many I may never have reached. To ask if I received like value in return would be, I believe, placing a damper on the spirit in which the donations were made.


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Fine fellow!

So Bill....

This response submitted by marty on 5/16/01. ( )

those recent .jpg's you sent me, were those donation pieces? And, you forgot to sign them - lol!

I take your side Bill

This response submitted by Rick on 5/16/01. ( )

I agree with you whole-heartedly Bill. If all of us "nature lovers" would do a bit of charitable work every now and then, we could probably beat the antis at their own game! I donate services for auctions to benefit wildlife programs... only those programs that are pro-hunting and conservation. (I'm sure mine is not near the caliber as yours, I only do taxidermy)
Bill: Can I get your website address to view your work, as I absolutely go crazy over wildlife art!


This response submitted by George on 5/16/01. ( )

Never donate to any organization or fund to make them feel good, donate to them to make YOU feel good.

agree to all

This response submitted by rob on 5/16/01. ( )

I work a lot with ducks unlimited and other fine chapters every year. I donate mounts that I put together just for that gathering, or gift certificates depending on what the chapter is after. I take a lot of pride in being a part of these programs. Besides making my own self feel better the people you meet along the way is worth the ride. some chapters do go out of state for certain items for reasons some of us may not know but it could be that other business outside of the area want to help as well.I look at it that the more people involved the better it is. besides it makes yourself feel better that you have put something back into somthing you live for.


This response submitted by Bill Gaither on 5/16/01. ( )

If I signed them, you'd have to insure


This response submitted by trappersteph on 5/17/01. ( )

I heard Ducks Unlimited was anti trapping, enough to make me classify them as aligning with antis. Support Delta Waterfowl instead, they see trapping as valuable to thinning the predators that go after the waterfowl while nesting. Delta did a study, one area no trapping, one with, the one without had something like a 24% nesting success, the one with the trapping had a 75% or so nesting success.
Actually lets get DU to change its policy, if they won't don't support them, and let them know why.Trapping is the weak link, antis love targeting it, and the next step is hunting, specifically bowhunting, antis want to get rid of that too.

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