Here is a little something that I feel could help us.

Submitted by John C on 5/16/01. ( )

PLease feel free to post about this, I too would like to hear what is really going on. I know many Canadians that have not reg. thier firearms as a revolt to a totalitarian dictatorship. The onw world concept will not work. As long as we have our guns we will be freemen.


After 30 years in the Taxidermy trade, I finally accepted the fact I needed a website. So, 8 weeks ago I made the leap to

Since gun control is such a hot topic, I designed the forums to have a Political section. This is where I'm needing assistance.

I would like to contact some people from other countries and invite them to visit my website. It would be very interesting to see
comments from someone in Australia - England - or Canada concerning Gun Control. Or for that matter, any European
country. We can discuss Gun Control all day long here in the U.S. but it would ring more true coming from someone who can
comment on how it's effected their lives and country.

If there is anyone willing to help - please contact me at the above email.

If you can't help but still would like to visit my website just click -

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Where's Charles Gossett?

This response submitted by RickJ on 5/17/01. ( )

Seems that he is one of them that keeps us all up to date on the latest "circus craze" out there in anti land. I, for one, really appreciate his posts and informative style.

One world government

This response submitted by RickJ on 5/17/01. ( )

I too once felt the same as you. A real strong majority of all gun owners I know say they would revolt and/or refuse to give up their guns. Sometimes I wonder though. If you and I woke up tomorrow morning and were labeled "criminals" by the Gov. because we now are illegal gun owners (as happened in other countries already!), how many people do you really feel would "stick to their guns"? (no pun intended) Would they succumb to the pressures of upholding their jobs and comfortable lifestyles, as well as keeping their marriages and families together? I, for one, know where I stand. My forefathers died fighting for our freedom, and I'm prepared to give no less a sacrifice. Freedom is what makes life worth living. My heritage, my memories of growing up in the outdoors, and my love for the freedom to fulfill my life's passions are stronger than can be put into words. I can think of many horrible ways of dying, but can't think of a more honorable way to expire than to fight the fight of freedom!

gun control

This response submitted by michael s on 5/17/01. ( )

doesn't work, hitler started with complete gun control in 1933 and we all know what happened next. a vast majority still have the opinion that it can't happen here. if it can't then why are we so buddy, buddy with china? we know how they treat peaceful demonstrators over there. we run this country, we own this country and we made her what she is today. they key phrase on gun control is "UNITE". by that i mean we have to unite and write letters and or e-mail our politicians and tell them how we feel. i have spent the last 19 years working full time in a prison, and have seen the same people come and go for gun charges, one of them was found not guilty of shooting two people in a drug deal, not guilty of carrying a firearm without a license, this was two seperate incidents with the same person.
he struck out on the third time around, he finally shot three city poice officers one of which shot this guy four times in the shoot out.
all involved survived and the defense attorney tried to make it look like the cops tried to murder this guy and he was shooting back in self defense..oh the gun he used was taken off one of the police officers after he shot that officer with the officers own gun during a struggle, this criminal was originally stopped due to a rear tail light being out, he also had drugs and a gun in the car, he was not charged with weapons possesion for the gun in his car either...go figure.....our politicians will not enforce the gun laws upon the criminals, they seem to be afraid to do so for some reason. yes we need to listen to those folks in other countries where gun confiscation is or has taken place, it is coming here, but can we become united enough to stop it? over 1,000 people turned out for a deer management meeting with the penna. game commision here in my part of the state but only 25 people showed up to protest the 24%increase of natural gas, we simply cannot become united.

Youv'e got to be kidding?

This response submitted by Lars on 5/17/01. ( )

SUPPORT BY UNITING?! We can't even get a bunch of Taxidermists to unite even in NAME (NTA) for a lousy $50.00 a year! The gun folks (hunters, sportsmen, etc )are the next hardest group to unite, and taxidermists are among THEM! I hate to burst anyones bubble, uniting will not happen. I have lost all thoughts of getting "mass support" on any front and the fight will be the same as any fight ever waged in history...... fought by a few, so the masses can jump on the bandwagon AFTERWARDS! They will not donate $$, or write a letter, or join an organization. WE will lose our rights due to the "sheep mentality" of the masses. All that oppose us, know that. They keep pecking away till they sneak in regulations that they feel control us. If you are the one that is wringing your hands, looking over his shoulder and saying that it "won't happen here" ask Austailia, ask Canada on gun control. And since Taxidermists won't unite....ask the states that have already fallen (Washington,Oregon,Wyoming, California) to heavy regulations. But, hey! We don't want anyone telling us we have to do something, now do we?

With much respect Lars,

This response submitted by J Lumsden on 5/17/01. ( )

I would dis-like to burst your bubble as well, if you think these answers are held within the NTA. But nice try. In a perfect world we might could all unite freely for a common cause. But you must not have been reading all of the arguements fairly, to make such a derogatory statement.

I re-read the post's Jeff....

This response submitted by Lars on 5/18/01. ( )

And still could only draw one conclusion...... "WAAAAAAA, we won't uninte because someone is telling us to do it,WAAAAAAA! Unity cost's us an extra $50.00 that I can't afford, WAAAAAAAAA! Did you see a glimmer of hope in them? LOL, I still love you, Jeff! Throw your pole in the truck and let's go fishin'!


This response submitted by michael s on 5/19/01. ( )

what i said we simply can not unite, there was no crying, no whining, no wimpering. just a simple statement of truth..hope ya caught yer limit lars, cause they will be coming to take your guns and mine too.. guess we can all go fishing then..
take me to the river..........

Maybe asking or a vote would be good

This response submitted by J Barber life member of NTA on 5/20/01. ( )

My moneys on the NRA they ASKED me to join I did .Folks the NTA needs to sell there self to taxidermist.Think where you got your application for the NTA.They arent easy to find for everyone.
I check some of the supply catalogs something every taxidermist looks @ at least once a month,could not find very many. The NTA needs to get them in the supply catalogs thats what most taxidermist see.MR. Joe coombs signed me up and I never talked to him about joining ,found the application in his catalog.Also our state association has them in the news letters.But these are put in there by those who own the catalogs and newsletters.We need to sale our association let people know we are here and active.
Lets have a calling campaign get a list of taxidermist and phone numbers and have volunteers call to solicite them to join ,works for the NRA thats how they got me.
Not to start a frenzy but look and see where these applications are and post back let me know or e-mail me.But I think I think this is how we could increase our memberships.
But I bet name calling and snide remarks arent going to get very many members,so give that up.

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