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I left a post on here about 4-5 days ago about how to get certified by the N.T.A. I wanted to know about the points you get for competition and if those points or the award of excellence lasts forever or if you have to keep competing to maintain it. I only got one responce and that was from the N.T.A. headquarters wanting my e-mail so they could sent me the info. Well that is not what I was looking for. I was wanting the info and the opinions of all of you taxidermy guru's out there. So if anyone can inform me of those points and awards please do so.

Thanks Steve.

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I'm not sure...

This response submitted by perry on 5/17/01. ( )

why you wouldn't want the answer from the source(NTA) as it would
be the most accurate. but heres what I know

at state level

Blue = 3 points
red = 2 points
yellow = 1 point

at regional/national level

blue = 4 points
red = 2 points
yellow = 1 point

it takes 6 points to be certified in a specific category.

some of the categories are


for the AofE you need 21 points and a blue ribbon at the national level.


This response submitted by George on 5/17/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

FIRST thing you need to understand is that the NTA staff aren't exactly space aliens. Many of them ARE taxidermists WHO DID COMPETE. It seems a little strange you wouldn't want the governing body to supply you with information you'd need to qualify.

As I understand it...

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The Award of Excellence lasts forever and is difficult to obtain.
Certification is much easier to obtain, but requires annual
payments to keep.
Nancy M.

Don't forget

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Don't forget that unless all of the members in your state association choose to become NTA members, you won't get ANY points unless you travel to one of the few and far away states that are affiliated with 100% of it's members. I still think the certification and the A of E are great programs and I will remain a member, do the required travel, spend all the extra money and hopefully attain these goals. Just wish the NTA could find a way to accomodate us members who are stuck being penalized because all others in our respective states do not see the light.


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We are all going to try to help based on memory. Cindy offered to help you directly, Id say thats your best offer...I got my AofE in '90, you wanna trust MY memory? lol!

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