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one of these wackos from straping an explosive to themselves and detonating it in a crowded restaraunt or in a school etc,?

this vermin could bring this country to it's knees if all of them and their supporting countries aren't eliminated!

they don't value their own lives and there are many of them that would be proud to do these acts.

i get the feeling our government is beginning to waffle and the strong aggressive language is no longer heard. we cant allow the deaths of americans go without vengeance.

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Most likely they will not hit rural areas

This response submitted by John C on 10/1/01. ( )

Yea and whats to stop some wacko american from walking into a LUBY'S cafeteria in Texas again. A million what ifs, this could go for years. One thing I can promise should it happen close enough with enough reaction time, the sob will have a bullet hole right where his head was! but then thats a big IF aint it.

We cannot destroy half the owrld over some idiot, but soon he will surface very soon. The Taliban may soon be on trial in the HAGUE for aiding and abetting also.

There is a certain amount of....

This response submitted by marty on 10/1/01. ( meshimkus@yahoo.com )

risk in everything we do. I suspect that AT LEAST half the stuff we are hearing is made up just for the sole purpose of putting fear into Americans - and they are succeeding. There are some common sense precautions you can take to lesson the risk in things we do. But, unless you wish to crawl under a rock there will always be some risk.

Your frustration and anger is apparent as it is in most everybody nowadays. We all want revenge (for the lack of a better word) and closure to this crap. Unfortunately that isn't going to happen anytime soon (if ever).

As far as our government being lackadaisical, I don't buy it. The bulk of the anger and frustration we all have stems from the feeling of helplessness. We cannot do a whole heck of a lot about these things. But, our government CAN. And don't you think as a whole they are just as frustrated as the rest of us - if not MORE? Plus, I don't want to hear about the specifics until after the fact. I personally believe that if our media wasn't so proactive in reporting the news, Osama may have still been using his cell phones and this whole thing could've been alleviated.

Take a deep breath, close shop and take the family on a picnic. It'll do you a ton of good....

Let me say this about that...

This response submitted by CUR on 10/1/01. ( WILDART@prodigy.net )

As a veteran of guerilla warfare on three continents, I can tell you this. NO AREA is safe. The purpose of that form of covert warfare is to spread fear and conjecture among the population. The BEST sites for terrorist activity are the rural and seemingly insignificant areas, JohnC. By striking at the heartland, the sanctity and refuge of the collective soul is removed. With all this current Bullshat about Osama Bin Laden, one would think that rag head invented terror warfare. He is a rank amateur!

The doctrine of this warfare began centuries ago among the native tribes of the tropical jungles of this planet. It was nurished and perfected by the fortune raiders and adventurers during the 15th and 16th centuries. It became doctrine by the 17th century for many insurgents world wide. Shakespeare wrote of it in his epic "MacBeth" when camoflaged soldiers attacked from the woods. It was used by the American Native tribesmen against superior US Calvary forces, and by Frances Marion "The Swamp Fox" during the Civil War.

It was given teeth and modernization by Lenin and Tostoy and the red brigades in 1915 and was used successfully to overthrow the Tzar's government in Russia in 1917. Hitler used terror and rumour tactics to come to power in Germany and to rid himself of his enemies, both real and imagined. Ho Chi Minh developed a code of terror and subterfuge during WWII to wage war against the Japanese in Indo-China, and then against the colonists when Vietnam was returned to the French after the war.

Mao Tse Tung, "Chairman Mao", made guerilla warfare doctrine when he wrote it down as a manual and used the tactics of terror and uncertainty, coupled with direct military action to defeat Chiang and oust the "White" Chinese from Mainland China in 1947. These new terrorists study Ho Chi Minh and Mao and the Castro Doctrine. They didn't invent diddley, they have just improved on it.

There is no Safe refuge from this form of warfare. No asylum for us to repair to. The only way to fight terror is with terror. The price paid for the action must be devasting, total and effective. The only way to kill the snake is to make the entire populace it's enemy. Every American man, woman and child must be converted to the foot doggies of this effort. "Know thy neighbor, as thyself", is an oft quoted passage from the bible. It is an effective tool for combating the guerilla. Now is a time for mild paranoia to grip us each and all. Any action, no matter how insignificant should be noticed. We know who the enemy is, and what he looks like. Throw down the kid gloves and make them account for their presence and their actions. Challenge their ideologies. It is a time for national awareness and increased security. And don't let the pundits and the Libertarians frighten you with their rhetoric - security CAN be had without the removal of liberty.

It is also time to rethink our political choices. The Barney Franks, Hillary Clintons, Finesteins, Kerrys, Leheys, Liebermanns and Kennedy doo-gooders are no longer the champions of our liberties, they are the handcuffs and albatrosses that shackle and deter proper and effective action. We have to identify the enemy, isolate and destroy each and every cell, even if it means the destruction and removal from this planet of an entire culture or cultures or philosophies.
The silly talk of justice and legal hullabaloo is also ridiculous. The terrorists do not deserve a trial or the decency of consideration as if they were like the remainder of humanity. When they are found, they should be killed and removed fro the roster of the opposition forces.

Billions of the world's peoples want our way of life and consequently choose democracy and freedom of self over tyranny and subjugation. The elimination of those who would destroy that collective will should be the duty and purpose of all who would live without this menence. Screw political correctness and those who espouse that ridiculous enterprise. It is a time to search out and destroy, not understand and reform. When the last of these dissidents are located and returned to the earth from whence the came, then, and only then can we rest.

I am with you CUR

This response submitted by Ramdal R. Waites on 10/1/01. ( rwenglish1@aol.com )

If some people want to stick their head in the sand, and wait for the asses to be blowed off, have at it. I am 100% behing our President (George W. Bush) to go over there and take out any and all who represent these Bastards!
If there are people in this Country who won't back that, then they need to go too!


This response submitted by pantentax@aol.com on 10/1/01. ( )

a bit more clear to people.this isn't a movie and it isn't something that happens to someone else or another country.every terrorist group must be eliminated without fear of colateral damage. this culture with it's philosophies where these people come from must be destroyed.the culture spawns these sort of acts. i know the doves all scream that we cant destroy innocent people........if you dont destroy them,......they wont hesitate to destroy us! on sept 11th they proved to the citizens of this country they are not concerned with harming innocent people! in their fu%#$@ up minds there are no innocent people in this nation. IT'S "KICK ASS TIME"!

I agree with

This response submitted by LH on 10/1/01. ( )

Marty in that a lot of the "news" we hear is rhetoric designed to keep us on a certain edge regarding our anger toward those who perpetrated this evil upon our country. We've all seen the war poster of WWII villifying the nazis (like they needed it, Mussolini, and their ilk. Many of the inferences may have been somewhat inaccurate, but the purpose was to maintain a low level of anxiety and a sloly simmering anger that could be used effectively to the benefit of the nation in its defense. Now, don't get me wrong - I do not think of this as a bad thing. This war will be won or lost by the people at home and their resolve to continue their support for the effort, even after the bodies start showing up from overseas. This will undoubtedly take much more resolve than the effort and inspiration it took to buy a flag at WalMart and bolt it to the front porch. Personally, I've told untold numbers of epople that we are all going to have to be more cynical about the world around us. Question everything you see. If it looks unusual, check it out or turn it in, but do not ignore it. The federal authorities, the police, and sundry other state, local and federal agencies can only see so much at any given time. And you can bet that "they" are implementing measures to circumvent those actions as I type this/ you read it. It's gonna take an active participation on everyone's part from here on out to ensure our own safety. I was never ibn the military, but I do know the value of not counting on anyone else to watch your back. Watch your own back, as well as those on either side of you and we will make it through this. It's just gonna be a little bit different from now on.

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