To Richard where the crappies are and Glenn about Ft. Devens

Submitted by Cecil Baird on 10/11/01. ( )


The Pond with the big crappies is Lake Quacumquasit also known as South Pond. It's near Brookfield and Sturbridge. It is loaded with alwifes which are an excellent forage. The fish finder showed massive clouds of them. It connected to another lake that is shallow and very stained which connects to a river. I believe South Pond was once a gravel pit but it is about 226 acres.

Your state record northern pike came out of there at over 30 pounds and it is a trophy brown trout lake. However, don't expect to catch the big browns unless you fish it at night which the locals didn't seem to have a clue about.

I stumbled on crappies while drifting at night for browns with shiners for bait and a slip bobber set at 25 feet. The crappies are well fed and quite stocky. The biggest crappie in the state was caught there last year just under 3 pounds.You need to use an underwater light or a lantern if you use this technique which is best in summer.

Glenn: We were at Ft. Devens about the same time. My dad was in 10th Special Forces and we were there from 1967 to 1971 until my dad went to Cambodia. I fished Mirror Lake just about every day as a kid and caught a lot of brookies. The lake is presently excellent for trout and bluegills and I have a friend that lives in Ayer that usually has it all to himself. He's caught and released as many as 50 browns and rainbows and a few brooks in one day. He got a six pound brown there two years ago.The locals don't fish it because they have to pay to launch.


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